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This weekend, I finished three outstanding projects! It definitely made me feel wildly productive =]

Saturday, I set myself up in front of NCIS with my two unfinished sack boys. This was perfect because it was about nap time, and I would have work to do while watching my show. After two shows, I had

It is still a semi mystery of how the blue one came out so much smaller than the brown one but they are both very cute and cuddly. I did the ‘proper stuffing’ technique. When I first started to stuff toys that I made, I would take a bunch of stuffing and stuff like that. However, I read somewhere that you are supposed to make little stuffing balls and stuff that way for optimal stuffing. It really does work but it is a pain to do. Ergo, not all that long ago, myself and my brother and sister were all rolling little stuffing balls for me to stuff these guys with. But it really does pay off in the end. They still are waiting for their button eyes but those will take no more than max 15 minutes to sew on so I am saying these are 97% done =]

And, perhaps you remember my scarf? The lovely one? Well, it finally made it down to the laundry (thanks, Mom!)! This meant that I was able to put the finishing touches on it this weekend.

And the detail work …

I did not realize that I would finish this this weekend as well so I am quite pleased. It was definitely a sewing-centric weekend but totally worth it. The best part about all of this? I won’t feel held back when my new yarn gets here!!! Worst part? I don’t have any more knitting and don’t want to start anything until my yarn gets here. The beautiful, little Catch 22 makes a sneaky appearance. O well, I will just appreciate my yarn that much more =]

Have a lovely one =]


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Here is the deal … I’m in need of new projects and so I am getting some new stuff to work on.

Firstly, I will be making hand socks for a friend. I’m waiting for her to pick the colors so I can order the yarn and then I will get started on those. It was a pretty sweet deal – I make her hand socks and she draws me a picture for my wall. We both scored big on this one.

Second, I told my mom recently I wanted to try and make a shirt. She found me the best pattern and yarn to go with it. It is this really cool off the shoulder shirt with really pretty lacy detailing on the top of it. You can see it here. I ordered the pattern and yarn last night so I am waiting anxiously for that to arrive in the mail.

Third, now that I have a sewing machine, I am going to start poking around online for free dress patterns for the summer. I love to wear dresses in the summer and rather than buying a new dress this year, I will make it for myself.

Fourth, my mom also bought the pattern for these. I will be making myself one or two of these delightful little shawls as well.

I’m pretty much covered; my projects include knitting, crocheting, and sewing. I’ll be good to go for a while. I can’t wait to show you these projects once I get started with them. I promise to keep you posted.

Have an absolutely wonderful day =]

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I’m at home for break this week! Yay! My favorite part about this? Sleeping it =] … this is a typical college response but I am pretty strict with my sleeping schedule at school and so a little extra sleep is a good thing.

Other than sleeping, my plans include my thesis, which is good and bad. Thankfully, I do have this week to pound it out but at the same time, I feel bad not working on it unlike at school where I can say that I did enough other school work for the day so I don’t need to work on it. But soon it will be all over and it will be wonderful =]   That deadline is creeping up on me but I am thankful for that.

Other than sleeping in, I am joining in the family focus of NCIS. We have been watching a lot of it (and I wish we had the next season so I could see what happens at the beginning of it) and it lends itself to knitting and lots of it. So here are some pictures!

Picture 1: The clover hand sock (No, I hadn’t forgotten about it. It got pushed aside for a bit but now I have decided to make sure it is done for Saint Patrick’s Day.)

I only have 4 more rows to go on it and then to tackle the thumb (highlighted by the lovely blue yarn). I looked up how to take the stitches out this time so hopefully it won’t be quite as bad. Another creeping moment … the thumb; but I got it this time.

Picture 2: Happy skulls hand sock!

It doesn’t look that much different from last time, perhaps just a few more pattern rows. I have almost completed the thumb on this too which is exciting. And it is nice to be able to go back and forth between two greens and then to black and white just so I am not seeing the same colors all the time.

And yes, there will be crocheting soon to be featured again. I have a project in mind for a dear friend and need to start setting that in motion. And guess where I am off to tonight? Wait for it … JoAnns!!! I’m super pumped and am thinking of picking up stuff for another sewing project. Yup, the night will be a good one.

So, I hope you have a good one too =]

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Pretty Day

You know the day just can’t go wrong when you dress up in the morning, look at the mirror and state aloud, “I look pretty today!” Would you like to see why?

And we can tell that we are experiencing high gusts of wind due to the direction of my hair. Here is another picture.

I think my skirt came out quite lovely. Not perfect but it makes me happy and makes me feel pretty. I really enjoyed the girl who came into physics today, looked at me, stopped and said “Well, don’t you look cute today.” which made me very smiley. The worst part about making the skirt? Yesterday, I had to give my bobbin winder and thread a firm talking to because I tried to wind the bobbin two times and it was misbehaving. I had to remind it how nicely it acted yesterday and I told it I wasn’t going to deal with it misbehaving. After that everything worked out fine. The only modification I had to make to the skirt was when I tried it out, the back stuck out like a little tail so I just tucked it inside, ran a seam up it, and voila! Skirt!

And look what else I have been doing!

Inside …

Outside …

Happy skulls! This pattern knits up so much faster than the clover pattern (which will be done in time for St. Patrick’s Day … promise) and is just fun to look at.

This weekend will be a good one with this knitting by my side.

Have an amazing one =]


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Making a Mess

I know this is a knitting blog but we are going to deviate for a quick moment. Here is the deal; I recently received a sewing machine. See?

It’s pretty and has neat pink accents to it. More than that, I’m already friends with it. Yesterday, I took it out of the box and read the directions, wound the bobbin, threaded the machine and away I went. Nothing was too hard and any questions I may have, my wonderful roommate can answer seeing as she is a sewing whiz.

Sew, you may be thinking “Well, what are you making?” Let me tell you then. It’s a pretty simple project which makes it great for breaking in my machine but should come out looking pretty cool. I took an old pair of jeans, cut them off above the knees, and cut the seams open on the inside.

Then I bought fabric. The fabric will placed on the inside to fill the triangle cut in the front and back and it will create a skirt! The deal is that I fell in love with the fabric. Therefore, I decided that I would add a bit more to it. So I decided to ruffle the fabric so that I can fill in the triangle pieces with a little bit sticking out from the bottom with a little bit of motion. Now, it looks like I have curtains.

I also have a bit left for a headband too!

I guess the last thing I have to say tonight is … thank goodness my roommate sews and she is okay with me making a bit of a mess.

Tomorrow wraps up the project! I’ll post pictures when it is completed =]

(P.S. I decided to go with the skull hand warmers because the other ones would make hand socks that were too small and I’m not comfortable modifying a pattern I have never done. O look, some knitting made it into this post as well =] )

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