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Terrible Twos!

Happy Birthday, little Blog!

It’s simply incredible to think we have made it yet another year! And think about all the crazy adventures we have had – I graduated, went to France, started grad school, knitted a thneed and about a zillion other projects. And it’s always so nice to know that you are here to help me share that with others. Even when it is hard for me to get to you because of how busy life gets, you remain constant. You simply are the best.


So a happy birthday to you, little Blog and here’s to more years to come! =)

Cheers =)


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So remember how I mentioned eye problems? Well, they have compounded so, suffice it to say, I won’t be knitting for a day or two. Not to mention, my knitting is smirking at me from the corner of the living room because, currently, the directions are being difficult. But because I can’t really post anything new, I’m posing a throwback.

This was inspired by patterns in Tasty Crochet by Rose Langlitz. I took her sushi roll pattern and followed it. However, I made the ginger by following her lettuce pattern and using a different color. The wasabi is actually modeled off the head pattern I made for my Eve doll from Wall-E. I then got velcro and velcroed all the pieces to a plate I got from the dollar store along with chopsticks also purchased at the dollar store. Simple little art piece that I think is pretty cool to look at =)

Cheers =)

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As I write this, I am an hour from leaving for Barcelona! And I was tired last night and didn’t update so now you get the quick version!

1. Sunday = Super Bowl! I stayed up too late and even put money in on a pool and in general had a great time with friends =)

2. French class was awesome. We are having a big test on the 20th!

3. Yesterday was so busy in preparation for today. We even had an extra class.

I am not taking my  computer with me on this adventure so I will be back in about a week to tell you all sorts of amazing things with pictures!

Have a fabulous week! =D

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… you can.

“Don’t be afraid!” – Julia Child

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Au Revoir!

It’s off to France tomorrow morning! It is so incredibly exciting!!!! Check out the France tab at the top of the page for the next four months. Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to have separate entries on that page yet but will put the date at the top of each entry until I do!

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I am all packed, and I took my last final this morning so I am officially done with this semester!!!! I was taking my Abstract final this morning and I completely thought 1 + 1 = 1. At least I caught that mistake – basic math never goes away and 1 + 1 always will equal 2!

Such a big win! Now it is home for Christmas and then off to France !!!!

Have a marvelous day! =]

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Today marks the official last day of classes for Fall 2011 which means all I have left of college is to go to France! =] And I am so struck by how blessed I am at school. I am blessed with a wonderful and dear group of friends. From a crazy night of hanging out to just studying together and relaxing to listening when an ear is needed, my friends absolutely rock. It really isn’t quite  possible to describe what all they mean to me but they are so awesome, and I am so thankful for them.

Despite that I am getting oddly long free hours, I am not really accomplishing much yarn work.  Instead, last night I went to town coloring three different  pictures =] All that is left is a final web project and my Abstract final and I am done for the semester.

Have a truly lovely day =]

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