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Terrible Twos!

Happy Birthday, little Blog!

It’s simply incredible to think we have made it yet another year! And think about all the crazy adventures we have had – I graduated, went to France, started grad school, knitted a thneed and about a zillion other projects. And it’s always so nice to know that you are here to help me share that with others. Even when it is hard for me to get to you because of how busy life gets, you remain constant. You simply are the best.


So a happy birthday to you, little Blog and here’s to more years to come! =)

Cheers =)


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I swear, at one point in my life, being at school meant it was easier to blog more often but apparently that has changed. There has been an influx in school work, TA stuff, and general busy-ness resulting in late nights at school and weird dinner times. Unfortunately, that means I don’t get to blog as much as I would like.

But I am taking breaks every now and again! Last Saturday we went apple picking!

I am highly impressed we got this trip together. Plans here tend to start being formed on Friday for Friday night but we actually had this planned out a week in advance. We left Saturday morning with two cars and I was driving the lead car of our caravan. At one point, my GPS told me to make a U-turn and I wasn’t ready and I was in the wrong lane so there was general hilarity as we figured the car behind us probably thought we were nuts =) But we made it there and it was a perfect day for apple picking. We walked through the orchard, picked apples, ate apples, and juggled apples. We juggled apples for a while and when we stopped, there were little kids who were starting to imitate the 21+ year-olds who were juggling (I’m sure their parents were thrilled).



So I had acquired eight pounds of apples and I needed to do something with them! So I made applesauce!

I took these apples:


I cut them up and peeled them (no apple peeler = serious oversight). Then I threw them into this crock pot:


Then I proceeded to wave my hands at it and in six hours, after enjoying the applesauce fumes the entire time, I had the wonderfulness that is applesauce!


Saying that you made applesauce makes you sound like a rockstar but in reality, it was super cinchy.

And I have been crocheting and I wanted to show it but it’s at home and I’m out so next time I will show you what I have been up to =)

Cheers =)


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You know when you live in dorms in college, and people always say, ‘What do you do if the fire alarm goes off and you are in the shower?’ Well, I can give you want I did, apartment style.

So a few days ago, I was in the shower, when the alarm went off. I distinctly remember looking out around the shower curtain and going, ‘Really?!’ So I jump out of the shower, and I’m throwing clothes on while I am still wet, and I’m listening for doors slamming and such and I don’t hear anything. Then the alarm just stops. So I look out my window and the people by the pool aren’t moving and I don’t hear frantic running so I called my friend who is an RA and she told me that since the alarm stopped I didn’t have to go outside. At which point, it was best to hang up and get back in the shower and finish what I had started.

There have been some interesting things I have observed since being in Maryland. To start with, no one uses turn signals. I would greatly appreciate it if they did. Then, things fall off the back of vehicles at an alarming rate. For instance, the other morning, I was waiting at a red light and a fire truck turned and you just see something fall out of the back of it. So the truck stops in the middle of the lane, puts on it’s four ways, someone gets out and puts on a vest, and heads over towards whatever they dropped. And today, I was driving home only to have to go way around a spill from the back of a beer truck. (Yes, it did smell like beer all around.) I also¬†cannot possibly watch the movie¬†Rear Window down here. If you have never seen it, it is a mind messer by Alfred Hitchcock about neighbors in an apartment. That would be a big no right now. And it’s humid here, really humid.

Then I had some food adventures. I made Quinoa Greek Salad for dinner the other night.


The recipe is here. But basically, you cook off the quinoa and add a ton of vegetables to it. So I had tomatoes, olives, peppers, and carrots. Then you make the dressing and crumble feta cheese all over it. Quite tasty. And it stays better if you save all the vegetables in little containers so you can make little servings of it when you want it rather than having it all mixed up and needing to eat it right away. (P.S. one cup of uncooked quinoa = a metric ton of cooked quinoa)

I also made frozen yogurt drops.


On a suggestion, I took plain Greek yogurt, added honey, put it in a sandwich bag, and cut the end off and made little drops onto a plate. I put cooking spray on the plate first so they wouldn’t freeze to the plate and then I drizzled honey on top of them as well.

Then the next morning, I made one of my favorite breakfasts ever.

From Paris, one of the best dishes I got was eggs over easy, on top of tomatoes, with basil on top. They served it with a baguette but I had my mine with a bagel (that had tomato basil cream cheese, it almost felt like a themed breakfast). What an excellent way to start the day.

Then yesterday, I found out something mind blowing. You ready? I had no idea you could nuke chicken nuggets rather than putting them in the oven! Completely blew my mind and made my day (it takes so little =) )

Cheers =)

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New Toys

Hello! If you have read some of my earlier entries, you may expect this post to be about Legos. And while I do thoroughly and completely love Legos, I recently have become the owner of some big kid toys.

Firstly, let’s start with my external hard drive.

This is a lovely Seagate 500 GB external hard drive. It’s kind of amazing that I have made it this long without one (especially seeing as I am a computer science person). I was able to name this what I wanted so I named it ‘Q’. ‘Q’ is the source that three of the four gospel writers used when compiling the gospels so I figured this is my source so it works out well =)

Then I also got a new phone!


Okay, so I had one of the oddest first thoughts with this ever. It was all white and lovely and I thought of the character that tries to eat Luke Skywalker in the fifth Star Wars.

Granted, not everyone’s first thought but it works for me =) So now my new iPhone is named Wampa after the creatures on Hoth.

This was followed by the very exciting arrival of my new laptop!

And as you turn on the computer for the first time, it asks you to name it. Well, thankfully, my brother and sister were around to help so my computer is now named Jarvis after the computer in Ironman.

The lesson we learned here: it’s important to name your new toys good names =)

Cheers =)


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In the ongoing saga of ‘Colleen vs. Computer,’ the Computer pulls ahead by one point. I spent this morning programming and trying to get my website I’m working on to look/work a certain way. Here’s the thing: what I am working on, I already have a working version of it. But I think it would be pretty cool if I could get it to do something different and not be quite so plain. So I have looking for code to help me with what I am doing because programming websites isn’t something I have had a ton of experience with. I finally found this awesome site that even demonstrated exactly what I was looking for. I integrated this code into my program and awesome, it was working. The next step was to figure out how to incorporate the graphics and the display. I was working on it and the Computer is a liar. It told me I couldn’t make a reference because something wasn’t static. It was static so I re-saved what I was working on – re-saving was all I did – and all the sudden, it worked. Then, I was previewing all the changes I made and suddenly the page wasn’t acting correct at all anymore. It didn’t look anything like what it was supposed to. So I copied and pasted the link into a different browser and it looked right there! So, I started to play with the graphics on the webpage that I had just been working on and wham! Those stopped working. So I reverted alllllll my changes to where I thought I was awesome before the Computer became cantankerous and I will continue duking it out tomorrow.

On to happy thoughts: I received a new knitting kit.

It’s a pretty cool little kit. Check it out in detail here.

On yet another very random note, I had to move my computer upstairs while in the middle of this post and I didn’t lose internet. When I was living in the monastery, you could lose internet when turning from one hallway to another. So not losing internet as I was walking upstairs was enough to make me stop and appreciate it. It’s the little things in life =)

Cheers =)

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Charlie George: The Story of a Rebel

Once upon a time, there was a little tomato seed. It was planted in a backyard in Pittsburgh. It was a good spot – sunny without being too sunny and a good amount of watering always happened in this spot.

However, this seed did not want to be like the other seeds so he decided to rebel. Off on his own he went. He sought high and low, a long arduous journey. Finally, he traveled to a new spot where there were no tomato plants and only bushes were kept.

The family at this house noticed this lone tomato plant. Rather than uproot him or give him up for dead, the family decided they could get behind this rebel. They named him Charlie George, put in a planting stick, watered him and most importantly – believed in him. To repay the family for their kindness, Charlie decided to be the first of this year’s tomato plants to produce tomatoes. Because of his valiant efforts and pure awesomeness, Charlie was yarnbombed and photographed for his story.

Congratulations, Charlie. You have done us proud.

Cheers! =)

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It has been a hot few days here in Pittsburgh – up into the 90s which is definitely warmer than I would ever like. But I do manage to stay relatively cool. The other night, my friend Clare and I hit up this awesome coffee shop called Coffee Buddha. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but I am so happy we went!

(Truth: this picture was taken from my cell phone and you can completely tell . . . ) I didn’t realize how much I had been missing cafes that aren’t Starbucks since coming back from Europe until we went here. It just had the awesome cafe feel, with funky furniture, a really lovely staff member, and a light and airy feel to it. I will definitely be going back there.

Then, last night despite the heat, my friend Laura and I went for a walk. She is a rockstar and look what she made for me!

An Irish flag bracelet! She knows how much I love celebrating being Irish =)

But thankfully, the weather is about to break and cool back off which I could not be happier about. Tonight will be a fun time with my family as we go to see the new movie “Brave” which I am psyched about. But I guess for now, I should get to my math . . .

Cheers! =)


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