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Wounded on the Serengeti

Driving in Maryland – not for the faint of heart. There is the Beltway or 495, and so far, I have driven on it twice since being here. One day, I drove a friend into school, so I had to take 495 to go and get her. And I am not so familiar with it so my GPS is saying that I need to stay left to stay on 495. This means on a four to six lane highway, I am in the leftmost lane. And then, it opens up so there are even more lanes and suddenly there are four lanes that all go left to stay on 495 and my GPS says, ‘O hey! Now take the exit on the right.’ So I have to go from the inside most lane to the outside most lane a lot quicker than I would like. Then today, I was driving on it, and same thing. And then, I need to go to the inside lane and I have my blinker on and the person next to me thinks that they¬†must pass me first. Or they hang out in my blind spot – another fun game. But here is my final conclusion on driving on 495: don’t show fear. You have to be strong. Because the minute hesitation is sensed, you might as well just be a wounded animal on the Serengeti because people are going to come for you. So remember – no fear!

On a knitting note: I really want to finish this project this weekend.


Clearly, I need to block it and tuck the ends in. But I also want to sew ‘D’s’ on the ends. Hopefully, I can get that done =)

Cheers =)


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… cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to be better. It’s not.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Yes, this does mean that I finished the Thneed!!!!!!!!!!!

And then I had to have a photo shoot for it! (Unbelievable the number of pictures I had to take to get a few I liked.)

Modeled as a scarf:

Modeled as a hat:

And I had requests for a pattern so click here for the ‘Everybody Needs a Thneed’ pattern. Feel free to leave me comments on it if you don’t understand. First time I have tried writing up my explanations for my knitting so let me know if you need further explanation =)

Cheers =)

8/29 – I updated the pattern if you want to check it out again. I forgot to put down how many arms I made.

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Death of a Muppet

As I keep knitting on this thneed and taking all the multiple pieces out, it looks like this blue ball of fur. Or it looks like a blue furry arm is escaping my backpack. It completely looks like either Grover

or Cookie Monster (pre-vegetable of course)

just curled up and died in my bag. And I feel really bad about that … But here is what it looks like so far

It is definitely coming along =)

Cheers =)

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Have you ever seen those shirts for babies that say, ‘I’m the reason we can’t have nice things’? I found out today that I am the reason small groups don’t work.

It was decided that 2.5 hours of class on small groups for our ‘How To TA Sessions’ would work out nicely. I’m not a big fan of small groups but we had to get in small groups to discuss them. Then we were giving our answers out loud to the class and I hadn’t said an answer in my group because I thought it fell under another category. When I mentioned this to someone, they looked at me and said, ‘And you’re the reason why small groups don’t work out’ and they are exactly right! I don’t like sharing information and small groups really aren’t my thing so the comment made me laugh =) But thanks to this class I now have firm hand how to run effective small groups.

Orientation has been pretty awesome. The people here are wonderful, so open, and so welcoming. I was a little people deprived because I moved down here last Wednesday and didn’t have a real in person conversation until Monday so I was thrilled to be around people again. But in addition to classes and sessions, we have been doing other things just to get to know each other which is super fun and I feel just truly happy to be here =)

But you know, there is down time in during orientation and you better believe I pulled that thneed out.

It’s pretty awesome explaining it whenever I pull it out =) And people have quite a favorable reaction to the Fun Fur (who wouldn’t?). I have now officially finished all four arms and am about to cast on for the major connecting piece. I plan on typing up this pattern this upcoming weekend and posting it for your viewing pleasure =)

Andddd the incredible Darci found this link and shared it with me. It’s about crocheting an ideal sphere. It totally reinforces and validates my senior project which looked at the mathematics that can be found in knitting. Too cool =)

Cheers =)

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I am officially in Maryland! The drive down on Wednesday was a straight four hours in the car by myself and my CDs. Thankfully, we brought two cars (I would never have made it in just one) and my dad and brother came down and helped me to settle in.

It took two days for it to look that nice, and I’m sure it will never quite look like that again. Even now, it doesn’t look like that. But I am quite happy with it, and it feels like me =) Last night while I was sleeping, my calendar fell off the wall and this really should have scared me more than it did but I was expecting something in the kitchen to fall so that is what I thought it was and why I didn’t freak out. Overall though, it is going quite well =)

Then I decided to take myself around campus a few times because I get hopelessly lost at the drop of a hat and it was a good thing I did. I managed to walk right past the Math building while looking for it and then got turned around inside. And this is why I decided to do this now rather than when I need to get somewhere fast. Although, I admit, I do like that I get an entire building here unlike at Saint Francis where math was given half a hall.

Maryland is the home of the Terrapins or ‘Terps.’


Which, let’s face it, is only one letter away from twerp =)

Then this morning, I was washing dishes and grazed my finger with a knife.

And this is no big deal at all. Except I did look at it and go, ‘Aw man – that’s a knitting finger!’ and that was my main concern about it =) And I have been working more on my thneed!

I almost have another arm done. When I went to go and take a picture of this, I reached into my bag and pulled out two knitting needles and freaked out because nothing was one them! And then realized the thneed was sitting on my bed – pure brilliance =)

Cheers =)

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Everybody Needs a Thneed

I don’t know if you have seen the movie¬†“The Lorax” which is inspired by the book by Dr. Seuss of the same name, but if not, you definitively should go watch it. Fun animation, bright colors, catchy songs, and knitting! One of the main characters knits a ‘thneed.’ A thneed is an all purpose object that can be a scarf, umbrella, a cleaning cloth, or what have you.

So I decided that I too would knit a thneed in honor of this movie.

Although there are no blue thneeds in ‘The Lorax’, this yarn was too good to pass up. Five skeins of LionBrand Fun Fur for 97 cents a piece. Yeah, almost impossible to pass that by. But I made the first of four arms today.

I am going to take this and stitch it up like a sleeve.

Then, voila! I will have a sleeve.

I am having quite a fun time with this project. There are two cool things about it: 1. my nails currently match my yarn and 2. I am making up my own pattern which I have never done before. Fun stuff =)

Cheers =)

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Working Through It

I swear I have never had so many problems with a pattern as I have with this one. So far my handsocks look like this:

I’m happy with this. You can see where there is an overlap so when the handsock is done, that part will be folded over which should be an awesome look. However, creating that overlap was absolutely horrid.

I knitted what I thought was right and then realized I was going the wrong way around the needles. So I frogged that row and re-knitted it. Then I read the next sentence in the instructions only to find out you reversed the way in that row. So I frogged again. Then I started to knit and thought I was going to be good only to have this problem:

There was this incredibly loose string in the join and I was so mad about this. I decided to keep knitting and it tightened up and I found out that when I flip the cuff everything will turn out wonderful. I, for one, am proud that I worked through it rather than letting my knitting stare at me from across the living room =)

Cheers =)

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