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Hello, I am a guest blogger today. I appear as a model for some of Colleen’s earlier projects, and she is a dear friend of mine. Colleen has asked me to share a craft today. My sister has really taken off with these, so I’m posting her projects instead of mine.

These lovely home furnishings were crafted by the fabulous Kimberlyn B., art student and craft lover. These are super cool – tee shirts crocheted into a rug. Kimberlyn experimented by making one large, multicolored rug:ImageShe then decided to take it apart and go a bit more color-coordinated, resulting in several crazy awesome ones.


Here is Kimberlyn posing with her rugs. She is quite proud of them, and rightly so, since cutting apart each tee shirt and adding it to the rug takes about 30-45 minutes. When asked about how many tee shirts she has cut so far, she answered, “A million…” However, her more accurate estimate is “probably over 70.”

I love you, Colleen!! Thank you for allowing me to contribute to your blog. I sincerely hope I get to knit with you someday at Charlie Murdoch’s 🙂


-Bethany B.


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Hello everyone, this is Darci. Colleen has graciously invited me to guest blog once again (which I love doing!). While Colleen was on her adventures abroad she was very sweet and got me “I was thinking of you” gift (which must never be referred to as a “souvenir”) which turned out to be some lovely yarn from Ireland. The color is Rowan and it is 100% wool.

I was very excited to make something with it and decided that such a lovely yarn needed to be something more than my usual scarf or hat that is mainly what I make. I looked through my crochet book and decided on a pretty shawl. Of course the yarn was thinner than what was called for and I didn’t have the right size hook. However it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I went ahead with the project anyway (Colleen is often greatly amused at my refusal to follow a pattern properly).

As I worked on the shawl (Project 16: Lacy Cape from Easy Crochet Accessories by Carol Meldrum) I decided that I wanted it a little longer, so after the pattern told me I was done I kept going, playing with fire as my ball of yarn got smaller. I knew that if I ran out before I finished the edging I would have a lot to rip out. Thankfully I got it as long as I wanted and the edging finished with just a little yarn left over.


Then it was time for a walk so the cape could get a proper photo shoot (and so I could pretend I was in Narnia)!


The pattern calls for a button to be added to hold the cape closed but I wanted to be able to wear it more loose or tight depending on the temperature, so I made a chain out of some of the left over yarn to be able to use to tie the cape. I also wanted to use the rest of the yarn to make a flower to embellish the cape so I whipped out a flower and magically had the perfect amount of yarn for it!

I was trying to decide how tightly to wrap the flower when I held it up to the dress I had on and decided it was so pretty that I wanted to be able to use it on more than just the cape. So with some quick thinking, a needle and tread and a safety pin my flower became a pin that can match the cape or be worn with any outfit.


Thank you Colleen for such a thoughtful and wonderful gift!

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Sorry to disappoint everyone but this is not a post about one of Colleen’s amazing adventures abroad. Colleen has once again been kind enough to invite me to guest blog for her (as she did when she posted https://nerdyknitting.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/the-amazing-darci-jones-and-her-10-foot-scarf/) so today you’re getting something a little closer to home.

I am sure you’re thinking “It’s more than a month after Valentine’s Day, why are we still talking about it?” and the answer would be the same if I were to ask you the question “Do you have any idea why I shouldn’t knit things for presents?” and that is I simply cannot get things knit in the time frame I think I can when I start the project.

Obviously I have very little experience knitting socks. In fact, I have only ever made one pair before, which Colleen had to help me with (if anyone remembers her telling people that I was scared when I received some sock yarn). So I decided that it would be wonderful for me to make my fiance socks for valentine’s day.  This turned out to be very wishful thinking.

My first mistake was buying yarn a little too thick. My second was buying a set of sock needles and finding out that they were a little too thin. In my mind a little too thin + a little too thick = just right. So I cast on anyway and started knitting away.

Well I’m sure you can imagine the plethora of problems that I ran into. Using yarn that is too thick for the needles you have is not a good idea and makes knitting much harder. At one point I dropped a stitch while decreasing and did not realize it until what I thought was a gap got a little bigger each time I went around. I also simply did not have the same amount of time to knit as I did in school. Between work, planning a wedding, and all the intrusions of everyday life I was not making progress as fast as I planned. I even knitted everywhere I went. I knit on my breaks at work. I took my knitting to the restaurant when we went out to dinner (as shown by the poor quality picture from my phone). I knit on car rides and I even knit at my marriage prep retreat. It simply still was not enough time.


I do fully admit that a big part of the problem is the number of projects I think I can simultaneously work on. I believe right now I am at three, and I feel that all of them have equal importance (except for the making of my wedding dress which has complete precedence) so it is hard to shelve one to focus on another. I did much better focusing on projects when I only had one set of needles.

Needless to say my fiance got Reese’s Cups for Valentine’s Day, seeing as giving him only one sock wasn’t really an option, and if he is lucky maybe he will get a new pair of socks for a wedding present…two months is enough time to knit another three inches and make the toe of the second sock, right?

(I would also like to thank the wonderful Colleen for her patience and apologize for how long it took for me to post for her after she asked me to write about the socks. Despite how long ago that was the second one is still a work in progress, and I’m sure Colleen will let everyone know when it gets done.)

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Hey everyone! I’m Sarah, a friend of Colleen’s… we met at a library job we both used to have.  The job wasn’t great, but Colleen was, and the rest is history. Colleen graciously invited me to guest blog back in January, but my knitting schedule tends to work as follows:

January–April: What is knitting again? When was that paper due again? Tomorrow?!!? Oh crap crap crap…
May-July: I love Knitting! I love Crochet! Let’s buy yarn for all the projects I’m gonna make in the future!
*make projects here*
August: Alright, this semester, I’m not going to forget how much I love knitting. I’m going to bring all my newly bought yarn to college and knit in all my free time! It’s going to be totally awesome (A Very Potter Musical Reference, anyone?)
September-November: I don’t have time to knit! I have 2 exams this week! Ahhhh!!!
December: Oh, that’s right, I have all this nice yarn… which project did I intend this for again? Oooo, Ravelry has cool new patterns… maybe a Christmas order of yarn at knitpicks wouldn’t hurt anyone…

so… repeat the above, and… this is why I’m now guest blogging in June.

Well, anyways, this year, right around the end of April, I realized my boyfriend’s birthday was coming up May 1st. In my infinite wisdom, I immediately thought that this would be the perfect time to knit something for him! Classes were winding down, and I figured something like a scarf would be a good, mindless knit that I could get done in the two weeks I had if I really worked at it.

But then I found… a Double Helix Scarf Pattern …knit with cables on size 3 and 5 needles…I’m an idiot. BUT, if you are as nerdy as my boyfriend and I are, that pattern is about as awesome as it sounds. I decided to do a modified version where I wouldn’t carry the cable all the way through, in order to have a chance of finishing it around his birthday.

So I knitted. And knitted. I ripped out stitches because, heh, cabling can be a bit of a challenge (especially when you are on a budget and don’t own a cable needle so you swap it out with a different size dpn…) And on April 30th, I looked down at my progress!

First thought: Woohoo! DNA!
Second thought: This scarf is currently a foot long… damn.

But my boyfriend is awesome, so explained I had something in the works but it would take a bit longer, and gave him a picture collage and card for the day of. I’m going to visit him in NYC in July, so I figured that should give me plenty of time and it would be cool for him to get a present in July (despite the fact that it is a scarf).

So, I got home, and 5 seasons of Dexter and a few movies later…

A 6 foot DNA scarf! But, given the pattern, the thing curls in on itself like nobody’s business. So I set it up to steam block (it’s an acrylic so blocking is a bit of a pain). I blocked and steamed away, unpinned and… it was still curling. Uggggg… so I redid the whole thing again, and this time snapped a picture. (ignore the spots, our steam iron leaks)

Finally, I unpinned it and… well, it still has a bit of a curl, but overall… TADA! .. a bit large on me since it’s for a person who is almost a foot taller than me.

And a closeups of those crazy cables…

The last question… to add fringe or not? I think it would look spiffy with a nice fringe, but I’m not sure if fringe is manly… solution? I’ll give it to him as such and let him decide!
That’s all for now! Thanks to the awesome Colleen for letting me guest blog…  🙂 The scarf is now being packaged away so that it happily awaits its trip up to NYC. Hopefully, the new owner will like it! Knitting for other people is really awesome.  😀

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It’s a special post!!! Today we have a guest blogger – a Ms. Darci Jones!!! She is an accomplished knitter and a wonderful friend. And yes, this is my roommate as well =] … Take it away, Darci!

As Colleen said I am her roommate, and probably not as accomplished of a knitter as she claims.  Mostly I make scarves and the occasional hat.  I have actually been addicted to crochet ever since Colleen taught me how to do it, I love how fast crocheting goes and how many different things you can do once you know the basics.  I do occasionally appreciate knitting, however.  One thing that I love about both is the questions you get about what you’re making when someone sees you working.

One such person who frequently sees me being crafty is someone who works at the school.  He has taught me several independent study courses, and we get along great because of a common love of sci-fi. So once he learned that I knit he told me about the amazing Dr. Who scarf.  Unfortunately I do not watch much Dr. Who, but I have seen a few episodes, and this person was so excited about describing the scarf to me, telling me that if someone ever gave him a ten foot scarf he would wear it every day.

A few weeks later a large amount of yarn was found in the office area of where he works and since he knows I knit and crochet he gave it to me.  I let some people take colors that they liked but then decided that the wonderful person who donated all of the yarn to me should benefit from it.  So starting in the middle of January I started to knit.  I knit during philosophy. I knit during presentations. I knit watching TV with Colleen, and finally….

I had a ten foot scarf!

I know that the actual Dr. Who scarf is 20ft long and made of many smaller stripes, however I have the unfortunate inability to work on projects that take too long (no pun intended).

Even though this scarf is not exactly like the scarf from the show the person I gave it to loved it.  I went to his office and told him I had a present for him, and as I unrolled it to it’s full length I don’t think I’ve seen anyone’s eyes get so big.  He put it on right away and couldn’t stop thanking me.  It was a wonderful thing to see someone so happy with something that I made myself.  He told me it made his day, but it certainly made my day to see him so excited.  It also led to me deciding that I would like to make a prayer shawl to donate to my church.  So it really goes to show that homemade gifts are the best.

To anyone who would like to make a real Dr. Who scarf, there are website out there that have patterns from each of the seasons, so good luck and I hope you are more ambitions than I am!

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