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So I mentioned on Monday that I had been mired in indecision while at home over break trying to pick between knitting and a new book. And last night, I had a lovely discussion about books with a friend and thought today I would have a bit of the same conversation with you.

Over break, I got the book The Mischief Under the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig. This is part of her Secret History of the Pink Carnation series. It is set in the Napoleonic era and is historical romance with spies. It is interesting because the story is relayed as a researcher is searching for the identity of the spy known as the Pink Carnation and the story is told as she looks up information for her research. I thoroughly enjoy the series.

I also got Debbie Macomber’s new Christmas book, Trading Christmas which had a bonus Christmas story in it called The Forgetful Bride. I enjoyed both immensely and flew through reading them. I love Christmas books and I only read them in season. When I go home, I will make sure to grab and read one of my favorite Christmas books which is The Christmas Train by David Baldacci. That book is so worn between my mom and me; if you are looking for a new Christmas favorite this season, that is the book to pick up.

The book I am currently reading is The Battle of the Labyrinth which is the the fourth book in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. I have read this one before but needed a paperback to take to school so this is what I grabbed. He also wrote a spin off series from this one that is just as good but I read through those so fast when I get them and then have to wait around for months for the next one to come out.

Rachel Herron has also come out with new books. She wrote the books How to Knit a Love Story and How to Knit a Heart Back Home. They are romances and knitting – what is not to like? But I am hoping to get a hold of her newest one, Wishes and Stitches, soon. =]

I hope that perhaps you can pick one of these up soon =]

Have a perfectly wonderful day =]


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“If you are happy with the simpler things in life, you are happier more often.’ I completely agree with this quote. And let me tell you that having two eggs over easy for breakfast goes a long way towards making my day a good one.

Obviously one of the eggs had been demolished by the time I took the picture but I promise it was there =]

*Happy dance!* I finished applying to all my American grad schools!!!!! I did such a happy dance when I realized this, I made myself temporarily dizzy but it was well worth it. This now means I have free time so look what I did.

That’s right – I finished both of my hand socks and even tucked the ends in on one. And …

I’m ready to go for the next pair!!!! Life is going well and I will give a considerable amount of credit to my eggs over easy =]

Have a great one =]

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There is nothing consistent about this blog spot – just a warning.

It’s Wednesday! So there is breakfast blogging going on and a lot of “Whimsical Wednesday’-ness.

I was immensely satisfied by the sounds the sprinkles made as they hit the plate to go over the top of my yogurt.

Had a bit of a freak accident last night. My phone charger broke. Not in the typical fashion breaking but rather in a interesting way. For instance, you know if you have a box of crayons and the box itself breaks but the crayons are all still okay and work? That is what happened to my charger. It hit the floor and the actual port that goes into my phone is fine but the casing around the electrical work broke. So last night between 9:30 and 10, I had out duct tape, my pocket knife, and a hot glue gun to get

It is all kinds of lovely.

There has been a crazy amount of school work recently. My program was broke last night so my thought was to delete the whole program and redo the entire thing in two hours which would have included redoing four chapters of work. Obviously, work is getting to me because I thought this was a completely viable goal. I found out instead that not only was that not possible but my program decided that having errors was a fantastic thing to do. My next thought was to take the old program with all the errors in it and reverse engineer all the mistakes I made. I did eventually fix it and gave out high fives for Jesus I was so excited it was fixed.

That is really about it. Great sadness has occurred because I don’t really have time for knitting for crocheting but hopefully this much work put into this week will give a lot of free time this weekend.

Have an absolutely marvelous day! =]

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This morning is starting out right. I am sitting in the cafeteria at school, and the sun is starting to come up and it is all pretty kinds of shades of pink, orange, and purple =]

So typically I celebrate Fancy Fridays, just looking extra nice on Fridays for myself. However, I only have two classes on Friday and then cash in early in the day and go back to my room and hang out there. It almost isn’t worth getting all dressed up for that amount of time. To remedy this, I have started Whimsical Wednesdays with the same concept as Fancy Fridays but just on a Wednesday. On Wednesday, I have three classes and run a help session thus making me feel Whimsical Wednesdays are a bit more worth it. And today I am feeling quite lovely =]

Yesterday, it was so beautiful here that it was a perfect day for a walk. The weather was just right and it so completely smells like fall outside that it is not even funny. My loop that I walk takes me about an hour which is a pretty awesome amount of time. It creates a really great break without being excessive.

Yesterday, I needed that break because I was recently assigned my first test for my Abstract Algebra class for the semester. It will not be overly difficult, it’s just a matter of making sure I really understand the proofs (and there are a lot!).

Tomorrow is a good day for a road trip! My university is linking up with Harrisburg University for a new Computer Science track. Granted, I am graduating this year but the Comp Sci department wanted some students to come along. Right now, I am pretty sure that it is myself, a friend, and the two teachers in the Comp Sci department, and the department head. I am absolutely thrilled, and that is absolutely not sarcasm. I love to be in the car and this trip is sure to give me some stories. I just wish knitting in the car didn’t make me feel carsick. That is okay though, I will just have to knit an extra lot today to make up for it.

It is definitely coming along. I have another scarf to compare it to so I know when it is a good length and I am getting there =]

Have a sparkling day =]

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I found this picture while going through my pictures recently

(The rest of the artist’s work can be found here.) Someone told me this recently and I wish I could remember why. However, I feel it is entirely relevant to my current crocheting project. I am making a pair of hand socks and I was just going to town. In one knitting breakfast session, I did almost the whole hand part. Before I went any further, I decided to try them on. Guess what? I crochet really, really tight – too tight. I had to rip the entire thing out and that was with already modifying the pattern! O well, this was about a week and a half ago and I feel like we are almost ready to make up.

Today’s breakfast blogging features

the scarf! It is getting a bit of air for sure now.

I just love this pattern and how it is turning out. (I wish I could remember where my camera is so I could take better pictures for you but unfortunately, I think it is at home …) The scarf is making a reappearance because yesterday I finished my shawl! I gave it to the person I was knitting it for and she loved it. I had been knitting on it in front of her for about two weeks and she kept telling me how much she loved the colors and she was thrilled to receive it. =]

Today is another day to rock out a long day but Thursday and Friday should be incredibly easy. Interesting how long this week seems when I only have four days of classes rather than five but it happens. Today will be good and tomorrow will be great after today =]

Have a rich and wonderful day =]

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I have been so busy recently but I know that’s not just me; it’s that time of year where everyone is busy. School has just been amped up but thankfully I was able to get out to West Virgina University this weekend to see my friend despite how busy I have been. We did make sure to have homework time but it was so excellent to see her, and it completely made my weekend.

I have been so addlepated by all that is going on that I left my room last night to do homework and go down to the cafe that I actually forgot my knitting. This, more than anything, shows how distracted and busy I am that I walked out of my room without my knitting. And when you are working out of three bags,¬† you are bound to leave things in one bag that you really hope are in the other. So, I don’t have my camera which is why the picture looks a little funny.

But I have gotten in some knitting time which is excellent. (I love this yarn too.) But now it is time to study some more for this morning’s Econ test which is going to be perfectly fine =]

Have a lovely one! =]

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“You is smart.
You is kind.
You is important.”

This quote is from the movie The Help that came out this summer. The black lady who watches the white woman’s child continually tells the child this phrase. (The clip is here.) This is such a good pick me up phrase and is right up there with “I can do ANYTHING good!” It is just something to brighten your day and help you to remember to smile because you is smart, you is kind, you is important. =]

This past weekend, I was able to go home which was perfectly lovely. I was so excited to see my family and my friends. Andddddd I fixed the no yarn problem! Yes, I did think it was really important to bring back three bags worth of knitting supplies even though I am going home in two weeks. But look what I have done so far!

This is a lovely scarf that I am making for a friend. I got the yarn out of the stash (always a good thing to help decrease the stash.) The pattern in the middle is a very nice Irish moss stitch which I have never done before but like quite a bit.

This should look familiar because it is the same pattern I just used for the fall colored shawl. I love this yarn though. I fell in love with it when we went yarn shopping this weekend and knitted up, it does not disappoint. I love the variation and it makes me all kinds of happy inside.

This is the starting of these handsocks. This should be a quick, fun crochet =]

Overall, I am set now with yarn to match my large number of projects =]

Have an excellent day and remember – you is smart, you is kind, you is important =]

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