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… well thank God – not literally.

So, my friend’s birthday is tomorrow and I decided that I would make her a cake. However, she is Romanian so when asked what her favorite cake is, her response was ‘Dobos Torte.’ I had never heard of it but I figured, ‘Heck, I can make that!’ Turns out this cake is a multi-layer project. But I still figured I could do it but it was going to involve some intense planning. Yesterday morning started off by being in the grocery store before 8 so I could grab what I needed before heading to school at 8. I did manage to leave school by 5 in the afternoon which was key. The recipe said that the cake would take 1.5 hours which I completely did not believe and it turns out, I was right.

I got home, threw my dinner together and started to go to town on this cake. The recipe called for 9 egg whites and let me tell you, those eggs did not want to split nicely but I eventually got all of them into the bowl and whipped them up. And just to let you know, when you beat 9 egg whites, there is a drastic change in volume. But I got everything together and then it was time to cook off the first layer. I started to put it in the spring form pan and thought ‘Wow, these are going to be realllllly thin layers!’ and then realized I was using a 10” spring form pan rather than a 9”. Thankfully, I corrected that mistake before I put it in the oven.

So the first layer is in and I decided to do my dishes so I could stay on top of them. So there I am, washing away, and I realize something is burning. Well, this is just 10 kinds of not good. I go into the oven to see that the new spring pan had a piece of paper attached to the bottom of it which was trying to burn. I took that out, and that layer came out awesome. I put the next one in and then looked at the batter carefully. I was supposed to get 6 layers out of the batter – I ended up with four. God only knows where the other two went. But those all cooked off nicely.

Then, I was feeling ambitious so I decided to make the chocolate butter cream and the caramel even though I had back up plans for both if they didn’t work (with me, back up plans are key). But at one point there was powered sugar and cocoa powered all over the place and all over me. And then I added too much milk to the butter cream so I had to add more powered sugar and cocoa until it even back out. In short, typical Colleen.

So I was two-thirds of the way done and I had to make caramel to go over the top. I am scared to death of making caramel because if that jumps out of the pan, that is serious. So I am making the caramel and talking to it trying to convince it to behave. It cooked down like it was supposed to and then I drizzled it over the top, put the extra in the sink, put water in the pan and then realized what a stupid thing that was to do. The caramel started to inflate in the pan causing me to be completely scared of my sink. But I eventually got it all worked out. And then you were supposed to let everything chill for 6 hours – ummm, nope! So I put it together last night and this is the result:


Ultimate test is later today when we eat it. Making cakes is tricky – there is no way to taste test before giving it to someone.

Now my plans involve this:

And I’m super excited about it!

Cheers =)



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Terrible Twos!

Happy Birthday, little Blog!

It’s simply incredible to think we have made it yet another year! And think about all the crazy adventures we have had – I graduated, went to France, started grad school, knitted a thneed and about a zillion other projects. And it’s always so nice to know that you are here to help me share that with others. Even when it is hard for me to get to you because of how busy life gets, you remain constant. You simply are the best.


So a happy birthday to you, little Blog and here’s to more years to come! =)

Cheers =)

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