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I swear, at one point in my life, being at school meant it was easier to blog more often but apparently that has changed. There has been an influx in school work, TA stuff, and general busy-ness resulting in late nights at school and weird dinner times. Unfortunately, that means I don’t get to blog as much as I would like.

But I am taking breaks every now and again! Last Saturday we went apple picking!

I am highly impressed we got this trip together. Plans here tend to start being formed on Friday for Friday night but we actually had this planned out a week in advance. We left Saturday morning with two cars and I was driving the lead car of our caravan. At one point, my GPS told me to make a U-turn and I wasn’t ready and I was in the wrong lane so there was general hilarity as we figured the car behind us probably thought we were nuts =) But we made it there and it was a perfect day for apple picking. We walked through the orchard, picked apples, ate apples, and juggled apples. We juggled apples for a while and when we stopped, there were little kids who were starting to imitate the 21+ year-olds who were juggling (I’m sure their parents were thrilled).



So I had acquired eight pounds of apples and I needed to do something with them! So I made applesauce!

I took these apples:


I cut them up and peeled them (no apple peeler = serious oversight). Then I threw them into this crock pot:


Then I proceeded to wave my hands at it and in six hours, after enjoying the applesauce fumes the entire time, I had the wonderfulness that is applesauce!


Saying that you made applesauce makes you sound like a rockstar but in reality, it was super cinchy.

And I have been crocheting and I wanted to show it but it’s at home and I’m out so next time I will show you what I have been up to =)

Cheers =)



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Crafty Time

O my goodness, it has been so long since I updated the blog! Things have been super busy here with school and work. My time includes time spent in class, in my office, doing homework in my office, office hours, and TAing for my calc sessions. But thankfully, I have been doing some stuff to break up all the work.

A few weekends ago, we went to the Natural History Museums and saw dinosaurs!


And from there we headed to the National Galleria which had a display on video game art which was super exciting =)


The best part of this day was when we left the National History Museum and five seconds later, it started to pour like you wouldn’t believe! We ran through DC in the pouring rain, soaking wet, and we all had such a fun time doing it =)

The day capped off with this lovely sight


And tonight, I decided I wanted to be crafty at 9:30 which is highly unfortunate because I really couldn’t but there is what is waiting for me.

A Muppet tie blanket waiting to be put together:


And I remembered I had yarn bonbons!


I have a few ideas for projects and definitely will be deciding what to do sometime this week.

Cheers =)

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Well, that is the short story anyway. But before we get to why I had icing on my iHome, here is what else I have been up to.

For my TA stuff, I have to design quizzes and I have been outlining papers this weekend.



Thank God for whiteboards. Otherwise, I would be doing a pretty good job all on my own of killing the trees. Then I completely geeked out when I got this app working


With this neat little app, I can leave my computer open in my office at the log in screen, and access my computer on my phone! I was wayyy to excited about it.

So on top of homework and nerd-ing out, I also spent a bit of time in the kitchen.

This is a Greek yogurt, banana, and honey smoothie. It made studying this afternoon considerably better.


Then Saturday, I made white chocolate chip and cranberry cookies. It is so nice to have cookies in the apartment =)


So today, I was trying to improve on the baking experience on Saturday. On Saturday, I made a spectacular mess. I blame this partially on my lack of counter space. Well, no matter what it is, I tried to be really neat today while making cupcakes. And during the actual cupcake part of it, I was rocking out that kitchen like a beast. They came out beautifully and it was time to make the icing and that is when it went downhill. I don’t have a mixer but I have a powered whisk which I thought would work. As it turns out, it refused to work and cream the butter like it was supposed to. But I thought I would just carry on and added powdered sugar. That made lovely little white clouds and then cup I was mixing in ran away from me because I didn’t have a good enough handle on it and the whisk whisked it away and it was spinning across the counter and there was powered sugar everywhere! And icing was thrown hither and yon! And yes, right onto the iHome. So, I let the icing win. . .


A little powered sugar on top of those munchkins suffices just as well =)

Cheers =)

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