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So remember how I mentioned eye problems? Well, they have compounded so, suffice it to say, I won’t be knitting for a day or two. Not to mention, my knitting is smirking at me from the corner of the living room because, currently, the directions are being difficult. But because I can’t really post anything new, I’m posing a throwback.

This was inspired by patterns in Tasty Crochet by Rose Langlitz. I took her sushi roll pattern and followed it. However, I made the ginger by following her lettuce pattern and using a different color. The wasabi is actually modeled off the head pattern I made for my Eve doll from Wall-E. I then got velcro and velcroed all the pieces to a plate I got from the dollar store along with chopsticks also purchased at the dollar store. Simple little art piece that I think is pretty cool to look at =)

Cheers =)


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Hello, I am a guest blogger today. I appear as a model for some of Colleen’s earlier projects, and she is a dear friend of mine. Colleen has asked me to share a craft today. My sister has really taken off with these, so I’m posting her projects instead of mine.

These lovely home furnishings were crafted by the fabulous Kimberlyn B., art student and craft lover. These are super cool – tee shirts crocheted into a rug. Kimberlyn experimented by making one large, multicolored rug:ImageShe then decided to take it apart and go a bit more color-coordinated, resulting in several crazy awesome ones.


Here is Kimberlyn posing with her rugs. She is quite proud of them, and rightly so, since cutting apart each tee shirt and adding it to the rug takes about 30-45 minutes. When asked about how many tee shirts she has cut so far, she answered, “A million…” However, her more accurate estimate is “probably over 70.”

I love you, Colleen!! Thank you for allowing me to contribute to your blog. I sincerely hope I get to knit with you someday at Charlie Murdoch’s 🙂


-Bethany B.

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Truth – this should have been posted this past Monday. However, it is raining here which has kicked up my allergies and have caused me to have really bad eyes now. So I have been taking it easy and not really doing too much because of it.

Anyway, I finished the Wingspan!

It looks just like the pattern said it would! I even got in all eight triangles! =) Here you can see all the really awesome triangles of this little shawlet.

And a front view is always fun too.

I cropped my head out (I just looked unbearably tired). But I am really quite happy with the way this project turned out and I would definitely suggest this pattern. Not too difficult to do and is good for relaxing knitting =)

I also finished my purple monstrosity!

This is sincerely one of the warmest projects I have ever knitted!

I think the button matches it just wonderfully and now I have officially completed my outstanding projects! This is exciting because it means that I could start two more projects which is always good.

These are my handsocks from Soak.

This is the cuff of the ‘Cuff au Lait’ pattern. Here I spread it out a bit so you can see the cables better.

The cool thing about these cables is that they aren’t real cables; they are mock cables. Little trickier to keep track of where I am in the pattern but easier than fanangling with a cable needle.

Andddd I started a quick scarf project.

Lovely and red with some edging (that is insisting on curling so I am going to need to wash it).

And when I am not knitting, my brother and I are going to Pirates games and acting patently normal for us …

Cheers =)

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I’m taking a break for a few minutes. I just rocked out the fifth chapter of my linear algebra book in an hour and a half – reading notes and doing problems

so I definitely think it’s time for a bit of a break.

Here is what happened last night. I was knitting on my wingspan and decided that I had enough yarn to try and get that eighth triangle even though I was originally going to do just seven. So I was knitting back down all my stitches and tried to moved them up the needles and wham! 60 stitches popped right off the end of the needle. If you only could have heard my thoughts at that moment. I didn’t want to move how I was sitting at all because I was afraid stitches would start disappearing so I, thankfully!, had some extra needles in my bag thus resulting in this:

Yes, you do see four knitting needles in my knitting. However, quick remarkably, I able to pick up all 60 stitches without any problem. And I admit – this is all my fault. I have jammed 186 stitches on these short needles.

So really, that was inevitable but still – makes me all kinds of special.

Cheers =)

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Mid Week Adventure

Sometimes it truly is good to drop everything and do something different. So this is why, on Thursday into Friday, I took a road trip! It was out to Ohio to see the lovely Darci and Mike =)

It was an awesome two hour drive because the weather was perfect and I had a new CD I had just put together. Here is how you know I haven’t seen someone in forever: Darci and I talked for probably a solid six hours without me ever getting my knitting out. Clearly, we had a lot to catch up on. In the middle of all this chatting, Darci and I went to ‘The Knit Shop’ where as I told Darci ‘I wanted to buy it all!’ There was yarn everywhere and it was just a really comforting and diverse store – everything a knitting store should be. That night we went to a place called ‘The Rusty Bucket’ for dinner which was quite delicious. After dinner, due to our inability to make up our minds about anything, we played with a ball, talked, played Bananagrams, and just hung out.

Yesterday, Darci and I knitted together and watched shows which was lovely and just like when we used to live together in college =) I made quite a bit of progress on my wingspan.

I am now almost done with my sixth point and the pattern calls for eight. People who have reviewed the pattern call for nine. I’m going to call for however much yarn I have =)

In the afternoon, the three of us went to a state park and hiked around. We made sure to stop for a trail picture.

Overall it was a delightful visit and I’m so glad I got to see them both =)

O, and guess what they got me?

It’s from cafepress.com. Pretty much, I love those two =)

Cheers =)

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Hello everyone, this is Darci. Colleen has graciously invited me to guest blog once again (which I love doing!). While Colleen was on her adventures abroad she was very sweet and got me “I was thinking of you” gift (which must never be referred to as a “souvenir”) which turned out to be some lovely yarn from Ireland. The color is Rowan and it is 100% wool.

I was very excited to make something with it and decided that such a lovely yarn needed to be something more than my usual scarf or hat that is mainly what I make. I looked through my crochet book and decided on a pretty shawl. Of course the yarn was thinner than what was called for and I didn’t have the right size hook. However it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I went ahead with the project anyway (Colleen is often greatly amused at my refusal to follow a pattern properly).

As I worked on the shawl (Project 16: Lacy Cape from Easy Crochet Accessories by Carol Meldrum) I decided that I wanted it a little longer, so after the pattern told me I was done I kept going, playing with fire as my ball of yarn got smaller. I knew that if I ran out before I finished the edging I would have a lot to rip out. Thankfully I got it as long as I wanted and the edging finished with just a little yarn left over.


Then it was time for a walk so the cape could get a proper photo shoot (and so I could pretend I was in Narnia)!


The pattern calls for a button to be added to hold the cape closed but I wanted to be able to wear it more loose or tight depending on the temperature, so I made a chain out of some of the left over yarn to be able to use to tie the cape. I also wanted to use the rest of the yarn to make a flower to embellish the cape so I whipped out a flower and magically had the perfect amount of yarn for it!

I was trying to decide how tightly to wrap the flower when I held it up to the dress I had on and decided it was so pretty that I wanted to be able to use it on more than just the cape. So with some quick thinking, a needle and tread and a safety pin my flower became a pin that can match the cape or be worn with any outfit.


Thank you Colleen for such a thoughtful and wonderful gift!

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In the ongoing saga of ‘Colleen vs. Computer,’ the Computer pulls ahead by one point. I spent this morning programming and trying to get my website I’m working on to look/work a certain way. Here’s the thing: what I am working on, I already have a working version of it. But I think it would be pretty cool if I could get it to do something different and not be quite so plain. So I have looking for code to help me with what I am doing because programming websites isn’t something I have had a ton of experience with. I finally found this awesome site that even demonstrated exactly what I was looking for. I integrated this code into my program and awesome, it was working. The next step was to figure out how to incorporate the graphics and the display. I was working on it and the Computer is a liar. It told me I couldn’t make a reference because something wasn’t static. It was static so I re-saved what I was working on – re-saving was all I did – and all the sudden, it worked. Then, I was previewing all the changes I made and suddenly the page wasn’t acting correct at all anymore. It didn’t look anything like what it was supposed to. So I copied and pasted the link into a different browser and it looked right there! So, I started to play with the graphics on the webpage that I had just been working on and wham! Those stopped working. So I reverted alllllll my changes to where I thought I was awesome before the Computer became cantankerous and I will continue duking it out tomorrow.

On to happy thoughts: I received a new knitting kit.

It’s a pretty cool little kit. Check it out in detail here.

On yet another very random note, I had to move my computer upstairs while in the middle of this post and I didn’t lose internet. When I was living in the monastery, you could lose internet when turning from one hallway to another. So not losing internet as I was walking upstairs was enough to make me stop and appreciate it. It’s the little things in life =)

Cheers =)

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