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Charlie George: The Story of a Rebel

Once upon a time, there was a little tomato seed. It was planted in a backyard in Pittsburgh. It was a good spot – sunny without being too sunny and a good amount of watering always happened in this spot.

However, this seed did not want to be like the other seeds so he decided to rebel. Off on his own he went. He sought high and low, a long arduous journey. Finally, he traveled to a new spot where there were no tomato plants and only bushes were kept.

The family at this house noticed this lone tomato plant. Rather than uproot him or give him up for dead, the family decided they could get behind this rebel. They named him Charlie George, put in a planting stick, watered him and most importantly – believed in him. To repay the family for their kindness, Charlie decided to be the first of this year’s tomato plants to produce tomatoes. Because of his valiant efforts and pure awesomeness, Charlie was yarnbombed and photographed for his story.

Congratulations, Charlie. You have done us proud.

Cheers! =)


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It has been a hot few days here in Pittsburgh – up into the 90s which is definitely warmer than I would ever like. But I do manage to stay relatively cool. The other night, my friend Clare and I hit up this awesome coffee shop called Coffee Buddha. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but I am so happy we went!

(Truth: this picture was taken from my cell phone and you can completely tell . . . ) I didn’t realize how much I had been missing cafes that aren’t Starbucks since coming back from Europe until we went here. It just had the awesome cafe feel, with funky furniture, a really lovely staff member, and a light and airy feel to it. I will definitely be going back there.

Then, last night despite the heat, my friend Laura and I went for a walk. She is a rockstar and look what she made for me!

An Irish flag bracelet! She knows how much I love celebrating being Irish =)

But thankfully, the weather is about to break and cool back off which I could not be happier about. Tonight will be a fun time with my family as we go to see the new movie “Brave” which I am psyched about. But I guess for now, I should get to my math . . .

Cheers! =)


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Purple Project

The title was too good to pass up – who doesn’t love alliterations?!?! My one friend absolutely adores them and a few years back right when school started she took this picture

and entitled it ‘Colleen’s Cadaver Calf.’ This was after an entire summer and she looked like a normal tan person and well, I was doing my best vampire impression. Although this summer, I am actually acquiring a tan which is beyond odd and I really hope it doesn’t get me kicked out of the Pale Kid Club which is me and two girlfriends who always stay amazingly white in the summer. Although, last night when I decided to go for a walk/run/workout in 86 degree weather, I did my best impression of looking like a tomato.

But, I have started a new project!

It is going to be a lovely shawl and it’s nice mindless knitting. This is great because all my summertime TV shows have come back on and this gives me something to do while I watch them. =) And I swear, I did finish the baby blanket but it is not where I left it and the ends aren’t tucked in anyway so I think I will find it, tuck in the ends, and then show it to you =)

Cheers =)

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Oy vey. I promise, I did try to update this late last week but that was the day Blog decided to rebel so I decided it was good to ignore it. Now, Blog is behaving again.

Well, Pittsburgh had it’s arts festival recently. I had never gone and either had the rest of my family so downtown we went. We got to ride the subway and I decided that racing my brothers and sister down the steps would be a good idea (who said being the oldest means being the most mature?). I got to the bottom first and went ‘Win!’ only find there was someone with a news camera at the bottom of the stairs filming me. Thank goodness that didn’t pop up in the news.

Walking around the arts festival was cool. There was beautiful handmade jewelry as well as some really awesome art. Then we had this cool structure

Who could not like this fish!? I actually ventured back there again on Saturday for a lovely time when a friend came in to visit and for some insane reason I didn’t take my camera. But it was a little warm that day but overall, it was awesome to enjoy the festival and then meet up with friends for some going out and dancing =)

Then it was off to Maryland to see where I will be spending the next 6 years of my life. All I had been hearing was that the University of Maryland’s campus was beautiful and it so simply was. I was blown away by it and the awesome faculty members that I met. Did you know Jim Henson went to UMD? That alone is worthy of going there. And yes, I made sure to rub the turtle’s nose for luck =)

So I didn’t come back to PA until Tuesday which felt like Sunday so then I was all messed up for the week. However, rather than being like ‘O it’s Wednesday’ and it actually being Monday, I was having the reverse problem of ‘It’s got to be Monday’ and it was Thursday which was a nice problem to have.

Then yesterday, it was off to Ohio for my cousins wedding which was simply lovely. For the most part, my family is bigger than yours, louder than yours, and dances like fools.

But they are wonderful and it was excellent to see them =)

I decided that as long as I was going to get dressed up that I might as well have some fun with it. So I decided a visit to the 1950s was a good choice and here is myself and my favorite buddy rocking his bow tie.

Overall, really busy recently but always worth it =)

Cheers =)

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Have you ever had a knitting project where it feels as though the project never grows? And then wham!! You are well over where you were supposed to stop for that section? Well, this is a different type of growing knitting. I recently took over a project for my mum. She started a knitted baby blanket and I told her I would finish it. And I knitted on it and put it down. And picked it up and knitted for a bit and put it back down. I repeated this several times and I finally stopped to really look at it. Because the pattern is pretty basic I really wasn’t paying too much attention to how it was looking. This was when I realized it didn’t look like I was gaining any height but rather width. Confused much? Absolutely. How when I was knitting up was it getting wider? I am just perplexed in general.

Despite it’s perplexing nature, I do love how it is coming out. It will be the perfect baby blanket for the summer with it’s nice, light weight. And I love working with baby yarn because you get beautiful patches of color that come together.

Hopefully it starts to grow the right way soon =)

Cheers =)

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Sweet Summertime

Happy June! Now that it is June, it really makes me think of summertime and things that you majorly enjoy during the summertime. Take ice cream for instance. This is something you can get all year long but it is particularly wonderful in the summer. At my house, we have been constantly running out of ice cream and we really don’t have this problem in the winter. Due to this and the fact that I had an awesome idea for a proejct, this was created!

The Neapolitan ice cream dishcloth set! This is what I have been working on for the past little bit and just finished it last night. In the dishcloth book that I have, I had patterns entitled ‘Vanilla,’ ‘Chocolate,’ and ‘Strawberry’ and got the corresponding colors and knitted away. I wanted to use the Neapolitan yarn along with the ‘Neapolitan’ pattern but that was the pattern that was frustrating me so I switched what I was doing.

I love how they turned out. Except, I have no idea who is getting these. I think they are going to make a cool gift but I didn’t make them with anyone in mind – I just wanted to do the project =)

Enjoy your first of June today and I hope ice cream is somehow involved =)

Cheers! =)

(P.S. My mom was showing me a pattern where someone used way less yarn then they were supposed to and I replied ‘Maybe she was a loose knitter.’ and I immediately started laughing. I’m super surprised ‘Loose Knitter’ hasn’t made it on a shirt yet! =) )

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