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It has been so holidaytastic at home! (I grabbed that word from my friend.) Ever since I have come home, I have decorated the tree while watching “Muppets Christmas Carol”, wrapped presents, and made candy. Now we are only six days away from Christmas!

This year, there really hasn’t been a rash of knitting projects. I feel as though if I were to start knitted Christmas projects in the summer I would stand a chance of getting them done but starting when I got home would have defeated the purpose of knitting serving to be relaxing for me but I did finish my hat while I was at a basketball game yesterday.

I really like how it turned out. You can get it here. It didn’t take too long and was a pretty mindless knit and I am so happy with it, I’m going to make a second one for myself.

I hope your holidays are going well!

Have a marvelous day! =]


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I am all packed, and I took my last final this morning so I am officially done with this semester!!!! I was taking my Abstract final this morning and I completely thought 1 + 1 = 1. At least I caught that mistake – basic math never goes away and 1 + 1 always will equal 2!

Such a big win! Now it is home for Christmas and then off to France !!!!

Have a marvelous day! =]

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One of the many random things I used to do included opening the blinds in the morning and saying, “Good moooorning, world!!” and see what the day would be like for me. Why isn’t it just good enough to look at the weather online? Well, for instance, this morning said it was 8 degrees and felt like -3 degrees (that was around 630). Based on that, it doesn’t really seem like it would be a good day. However, the sun is coming up and doing all kinds of wonderful things to the sky and today is going to be a fabulous day =]

This weekend was a very good time. Finals are this weeks so I was studying for my Abstract Algebra test a lot. See?

It involves many piles of paper and a little white board (I feel nerdy carrying around the white board and I am completely okay with that.) The best part about studying was that I was in the middle of taking a break so I could get ready for church. I was standing in the shower trying to say aloud one of the proofs that I had memorized and at one point look down at my hands and went, “Did I just wash my hair?” Math was quite absorbing. But I am enjoying what I am studying so it is a good time =]

O hey, did you see what was in the background of the picture? No? Let me zoom in for you.

Yes, it is one  of the best Christmas/Birthday gifts ever! It says ‘Emergency Survival Kit’ on it and yes, the last picture on the front is a ball of yarn and knitting needle =] My friend rocks for finding me such an awesome gift =]

Have a fabulous day! =]

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Today marks the official last day of classes for Fall 2011 which means all I have left of college is to go to France! =] And I am so struck by how blessed I am at school. I am blessed with a wonderful and dear group of friends. From a crazy night of hanging out to just studying together and relaxing to listening when an ear is needed, my friends absolutely rock. It really isn’t quite  possible to describe what all they mean to me but they are so awesome, and I am so thankful for them.

Despite that I am getting oddly long free hours, I am not really accomplishing much yarn work.  Instead, last night I went to town coloring three different  pictures =] All that is left is a final web project and my Abstract final and I am done for the semester.

Have a truly lovely day =]

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It is officially the Monday of the week before finals! School work isn’t going too badly either. Last week, I did my senior math presentation which knocked out my Math Seminar. Then, I found out that I do not have Economics anymore because I was happy with my grade as it is, so there goes another class. This weekend, I had my Probability final to work on. I had to choose 10 problems out of 13 and found out 4 of the problems were on a chapter I wasn’t required to learn. Tricky. But I was able to complete that final. Once I turn that in, I have one less class. This week, I have an Abstract Algebra test and I am playing in a piano recital which is completely manageable. Once, I finish this semester, it is on to France. As of today, I am officially one month and one day out from my adventure to France!

I did have knitting time this weekend as well! I finished my scarf.

Okay, I am 99% done – I have ends that need tucked in =]

I also started on my next project which is a pair of hand socks long over due for a friend.

Well, it is barely started but started nonetheless =]

And today the knitting that I left at home is coming up to school and I am super excited to get that hat project back!

Have a rich and wonderful day =]

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Such a wonderful feeling knowing that today is Friday. I still insisted on getting up at 630 even though I don’t have class until 10 so I plan to rock out a good bit of homework this morning and have more free time this afternoon to do what I like. I am nerdy enough to make myself do homework on a Friday but that doesn’t mean I particularly care for it =]

Yesterday was a trip down to Washington, D.C. to apply for my visa while I am in France. We left at o, 5 am. That was really, really early in the morning for me because I woke up at 4 so I could be ready. But there was a lot of sleeping on the way down. Then once we got there, it was like the international version of the DMV. There were some serious accents going on and all of us were really worried that we forgot a piece of paper and would be turned away but everything worked out well =]. The way back brought a little more sleeping so when we got back, I had to go for a walk to feel like I had done something with my day. It was a little chillier weather than I normally would have gone for a walk in but I desperately needed it. I capped off my day by coloring in the coffee shop and considered it a good day. =]

I have been working and going to town on my scarf.

It is coming along really well and is just a really mindless knit. It is going to be either NCIS and knitting or NCIS and redoing my nails later – doing my nails and knitting are totally incompatible projects to do at the same time so it will be one or the other.

I found someone who has crochet hooks on campus so now I can start my next project using this beautiful new yarn.

I am really going to need a break as I head into this weekend. I have to finish my Probability take home final (which I am half way done with which is a good thing). I also have to study quite a bit for my Abstract Algebra test but I got this =]

Have a great weekend! =]

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