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So I mentioned on Monday that I had been mired in indecision while at home over break trying to pick between knitting and a new book. And last night, I had a lovely discussion about books with a friend and thought today I would have a bit of the same conversation with you.

Over break, I got the book The Mischief Under the Mistletoe by Lauren Willig. This is part of her Secret History of the Pink Carnation series. It is set in the Napoleonic era and is historical romance with spies. It is interesting because the story is relayed as a researcher is searching for the identity of the spy known as the Pink Carnation and the story is told as she looks up information for her research. I thoroughly enjoy the series.

I also got Debbie Macomber’s new Christmas book, Trading Christmas which had a bonus Christmas story in it called The Forgetful Bride. I enjoyed both immensely and flew through reading them. I love Christmas books and I only read them in season. When I go home, I will make sure to grab and read one of my favorite Christmas books which is The Christmas Train by David Baldacci. That book is so worn between my mom and me; if you are looking for a new Christmas favorite this season, that is the book to pick up.

The book I am currently reading is The Battle of the Labyrinth which is the the fourth book in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. I have read this one before but needed a paperback to take to school so this is what I grabbed. He also wrote a spin off series from this one that is just as good but I read through those so fast when I get them and then have to wait around for months for the next one to come out.

Rachel Herron has also come out with new books. She wrote the books How to Knit a Love Story and How to Knit a Heart Back Home. They are romances and knitting – what is not to like? But I am hoping to get a hold of her newest one, Wishes and Stitches, soon. =]

I hope that perhaps you can pick one of these up soon =]

Have a perfectly wonderful day =]


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Happy Monday! I hope Thanksgiving was lovely for you! I had a perfectly wonderful time at home hanging out with family and friends. We went to see The Muppets movie which was very excellent. I highly recommend it if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet. There were many trips to JoAnns which meant I obtained a lot of yarn for my projects. At one point, I was standing the in the living with a new book in one hand and new yarn in the other and didn’t know what to do. I was eventually able to make a choice. =] I also started two new projects. However, I left my knitting bag at home when I came back to school yesterday! It is a great tragedy but thankfully in my extra knitting bag, I threw a pair of needles and some yarn to make a scarf so I do have a project to work on. My knitting bag will be coming up to school on Monday because my sister and dad are coming up so I should be okay for a week.

And while I was at home, I got my camera!!!! So today is devoted to pictures.

Remember a while a go I was working on two different scarves? Well, here they are!

I am quite happy with how they came out and they will be headed off to their intended recipients soon.

Now remember the knee high socks? They are long overdue for a photoshoot so here it is now! Do you have any idea how hard it is to take pictures of the back of your own legs?!

I am hoping that you can see the detailing on the back of the socks. They came out a little big which is okay because they are perfect socks for boots and I also wear double socks when I wear my boots so it works out wonderfully.

While I was at home, I started and completed one whole project. It is a torus. Not a term a lot of people are familiar with but it is the surface of a doughnut or an inner tube. Why would I knit this? Today, I have a presentation on mathematical knitting and needed a piece for show and tell!

I will go into a bit for detail on mathematical knitting soon =] You can see where I short rowed this torus but I think it would have looked strange trying to fix it by threading the yarn through it so I am just going to tell people that it is decorations and yes, of course, it is supposed to be that way! (The pattern can be found here.)

Lastly, I started another project last night. And before I start my projects, I always wind my skeins into balls and there were flaws galore in these two balls of yarn. I can make it work for this project but don’t you just despise when that happens?

The yarn is so happy, and it makes me smile to see it. =]

I hope these pictures are enough to start to make up for the weeks of bad cell phone pictures!

Have a fantastic day! =]

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Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the day I go home for Thanksgiving break! I cannot, cannot wait!

This weekend was all kinds of fun. Friday night I had to go to a presentation but I do not have a car so I was able to borrow a car from the Chemistry department. Suffice it to say, it is really hard to look to look cool when you are driving a red van that has chemistry symbols on it but I did it the best I could. I was following a friend to the place and we weren’t even off campus before I had to call him and ask him what the symbol was that had popped up on the dash. We pulled over, he looked, we didn’t know, and we were going to be late so we decided to just go and hopefully my car wouldn’t give up and die on me. However, I got there and back in one piece.

Saturday, I had a lovely visit with my friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and was very happy about it. =] And the weather was wonderful so I was able to go for a walk as well.

Yesterday, I studied for my Economics test that I have today. So much Economics – not the most stimulating topic but it has a little more math than the other sections we have done which makes me happy. I think 40 points on the test are devoted to problems which I am hoping to rock out. My friend and I finally managed to finish our Abstract Algebra homework yesterday. It took us longer than usual but with a proof that is 2.5 pages I guess that it is understandable.

Today is just in general a busy day. I have my test at 9, Abstract Algebra at 10, lunch at 11, going to see my teacher at 12, class at 2, research at 3, and a test from 4 to 6. I cannot wait til 6:01 just because my day will be done! Tomorrow, it is Science Day on campus where a lot of local high schools come up and participate in different science related activities. This will be the fourth year I am helping out with it. Then around 12 it’s home for Thanksgiving and family =]

Have a perfectly wonderful day =]

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Flannel Friday

Today, I am celebrating Flannel Friday

and I am so comfy and so happy with this decision.=]

And I have been crocheting like a champ! I finished the black and purple hand socks and now I finished the next set too!

They are fraternal, not identical hand socks which I am completely okay with. I love how each of them turned out. If you are looking for the pattern for these hand socks here it is. While you are there, poke around – all of the projects are very nicely put together. And they are quite a quick crochet. I had to modify the pattern while I was going along (always a little tricky when it is the first time you are using the pattern) because I think a) the pattern was meant for someone with really little hands and b) I crochet really tight. But it worked out great.

Quick story: Just a reminder before starting, I am a math and computer science major. And I always carry my computer with me. I did realize at one point that not everyone carries their computer with them which I can understand. However, the other day in my Economics class, my teacher asked everyone to bring a calculator for the rest of the week and I was stunned. It never even occurred to me that people may not always carry a calculator around. Not only do I carry my calculator, I also carry the cord to give people programs off of my calculator (but even I know that is really nerdy =] ).

Scary thought: I am out of knitting/crocheting and I go home on Tuesday – the weekend should be interesting =]

Have a completely lovely and relaxing weekend =]

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“If you are happy with the simpler things in life, you are happier more often.’ I completely agree with this quote. And let me tell you that having two eggs over easy for breakfast goes a long way towards making my day a good one.

Obviously one of the eggs had been demolished by the time I took the picture but I promise it was there =]

*Happy dance!* I finished applying to all my American grad schools!!!!! I did such a happy dance when I realized this, I made myself temporarily dizzy but it was well worth it. This now means I have free time so look what I did.

That’s right – I finished both of my hand socks and even tucked the ends in on one. And …

I’m ready to go for the next pair!!!! Life is going well and I will give a considerable amount of credit to my eggs over easy =]

Have a great one =]

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I am fully aware of the date because I date my notes everyday but for some reason I was completely caught off guard when someone informed me that I would be going home in 9 days for Thanksgiving. I knew it was the middle of November but I just didn’t put two and two together to get Thanksgiving. But I’m super excited about it and know that this week will probably end up being a busy one.

The highlight of last week was the bag of cough drops I bought for my cold. I go to open the first one only to find out that they have “Pep Talks” on them. Some of my favorites include: “Get back in there champ!”, “Inspire envy”, and “Put a little strut in it.” You can’t tell me those wouldn’t make it worth coughing for you. I’m not entirely sure how I am supposed to inspire envy while coughing but I will do my best to achieve that goal.

This weekend was fantastic. My friend came up and we had shenanigans and a good time that was highly needed. We even made time for homework and Church because we rock. This weekend started out with lots of random snow just blowing around in the air on Friday and ended up like this yesterday

This was taken on my walk yesterday. It was absolutely lovely yesterday. The sun was playing hide and seek and I saw it before I went on my walk and after my walk was done but I am pretty sure it never came out during the hour I was outside for my walk. That is okay though, it was still excellent.

I have been rocking out grad school stuff left and right. I all the way applied for one, sent out my transcripts and GREs, got out requests for letters of recommendation, and have all of my essays written. Every time I accomplish something, I end up high fiving someone and my friends are also rocking at being excited for me as I tell them how far I have gotten =]

Andddddd … last night I was able to play with yarn! I started the hand socks again.

This is the second time this glove has been made. I crochet so much tighter than what the pattern calls for so I am having to adjust the pattern as I go so hopefully it continues to work out.

Lastly, have you seen the floppy hats that girls wear? They are kind of like a beret but are worn more for fashion than actual warmth? Well, I saw these when I was out this weekend and decided I really liked them but couldn’t bring myself to buy one. Know why? Because I could make it! So I have a project while I am home for Thanksgiving next week =]

Have a great day!  =]

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Just a Reminder

There has been a lack of posts recently stemming from a cold, homework, and a lack of yarn work. However, I was reminded of this yesterday and thought I would pass it on.

“If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together … there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart …I’ll always be with you.”-Christopher Robin to Pooh

Have a lovely day =]

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