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Today is Halloween which is not my favorite but I hope all of you that enjoy it have a lovely time with it today. =]

This weekend, the weather just flipped out here at school. Friday night when I was walking around a little later with friends, it was flurrying but just barely. But by the time I woke up on Saturday, it was legit snowing. Snowing so hard I couldn’t see the mountains outside my window. This was a problem because I realized Friday that I desperately needed contact solution. I couldn’t drive anywhere so I had to walk up into town. I would love major props because I walked up and down this hill

and did not fall. It might constitute a minor miracle. Actually, I was giving myself to the end of the day on Saturday before I fell (I fall at least once a year at school). I only ever slipped but never actually went down which was excellent.

Sunday morning when I woke up, it was a winter wonderland

I don’t really think there should be that much snow when it is only October but I have no control over the weather so I have to roll with it.

On Saturday, I went through six pairs of socks. My boots got really wet thus causing my socks to get wet and I cannot stand wet socks so I kept changing my socks (and each time I wear boots I wear two pairs of socks). But it is obviously time to break out the hand knit socks.

(They are blocking.) But these socks are champs and it was lovely to wear them =]

Side note: My camera – it’s at home thus the poor quality of the pictures is due to my cell phone.

Then, of course, there is the assorted fun of having the power go out twice, an insane amount of studying for my Abstract Algebra test (which I have today!), working on a program that was giving me problems because one little line was in the wrong place, working on grad school applications and finding out I needed to write a CV, and watching Beauty and the Beast last night. Overall, a pretty good weekend =]

Have a superb day and Happy All Hallows Eve! =]


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Every once in a while, I run into something that I think is important enough to chalk up to a “Life Lesson.” Monday I ran into such a situation. I was having some muscle pain and was really reluctant about taking some muscle relaxants to make myself feel better. However, I eventually gave in and in about a half hour I could completely feel it. I had to slow down all my actions and really concentrate on how I was moving. Then, I made sure that I wasn’t laughing hysterically because in addition to feeling incredibly relaxed I get supremely loopy. I was able to make it through my 2 o’clock class I think mainly on the fact that I just had to sit at the computer and type and didn’t really needs to interact with anyone. I had a meeting at 3 and I told my teacher that I wasn’t quite all there. About halfway into the meeting, he looks at me and goes ‘Are you all right?’ There made me think perhaps I should skip my 4 o’clock class. I asked the teacher for that class ‘Do you mind if I skip?’ and he said he didn’t so I went and had a 12 minute dinner and went back to my room and slept for 40 minutes. This did make me feel better but I went to practice piano after I woke up and couldn’t get rid of the shakes enough to practice. I went back and slept through the night. Yesterday, I had to take another pill but I took that later at night so that didn’t do too much which was good. Sad thing is, this is only half a pill; I have no idea what I would be like after taking a whole dose! So, Life Lesson: do NOT take muscle relaxants and expect to function normally.

Yesterday’s trip to Harriburg wasn’t bad. The school wasn’t for me but the program seemed very good. My teacher sang in the car and completely made my day. =]

This weekend it is about being 10 kinds of productive so that is my goal!

Have a wonderful weekend! =]


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This morning is starting out right. I am sitting in the cafeteria at school, and the sun is starting to come up and it is all pretty kinds of shades of pink, orange, and purple =]

So typically I celebrate Fancy Fridays, just looking extra nice on Fridays for myself. However, I only have two classes on Friday and then cash in early in the day and go back to my room and hang out there. It almost isn’t worth getting all dressed up for that amount of time. To remedy this, I have started Whimsical Wednesdays with the same concept as Fancy Fridays but just on a Wednesday. On Wednesday, I have three classes and run a help session thus making me feel Whimsical Wednesdays are a bit more worth it. And today I am feeling quite lovely =]

Yesterday, it was so beautiful here that it was a perfect day for a walk. The weather was just right and it so completely smells like fall outside that it is not even funny. My loop that I walk takes me about an hour which is a pretty awesome amount of time. It creates a really great break without being excessive.

Yesterday, I needed that break because I was recently assigned my first test for my Abstract Algebra class for the semester. It will not be overly difficult, it’s just a matter of making sure I really understand the proofs (and there are a lot!).

Tomorrow is a good day for a road trip! My university is linking up with Harrisburg University for a new Computer Science track. Granted, I am graduating this year but the Comp Sci department wanted some students to come along. Right now, I am pretty sure that it is myself, a friend, and the two teachers in the Comp Sci department, and the department head. I am absolutely thrilled, and that is absolutely not sarcasm. I love to be in the car and this trip is sure to give me some stories. I just wish knitting in the car didn’t make me feel carsick. That is okay though, I will just have to knit an extra lot today to make up for it.

It is definitely coming along. I have another scarf to compare it to so I know when it is a good length and I am getting there =]

Have a sparkling day =]

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Simply Lovely

It took me a while to figure out how to entitled this post to sum up my weekend and “Simply Lovely” does a wonderful job of it.

This weekend pretty much rocked. Let’s start with I had fresh sheets Friday night. There are few things in life I enjoy more than having fresh sheets and there were so many washers free when I went to do my laundry on Friday that I was able to wash my sheets too! I went to NOW which stands for Night of Worship on Friday and they did a really good job with the music. Saturday, I slept in a bit (which is almost unheard of for me on a Saturday because I typically wake up around 730) and was able to do homework while still in bed for a while. Saturday, I rocked out more homework and went up to the bar with a friend. There was some kind of toga party at 10 so we went at 9. On the way back across campus, we saw at least 5 guys in togas. Let’s put it this way – some people should not wear togas. Yesterday, I rocked out the last little bit of homework, knitted, and visited with my friends. Overall, just a truly lovely weekend.

I finished my silver scarf this weekend (yay!) and now I am on to a new scarf.

(I’m sorry for the poor quality – I still have yet to find my real camera.) This is just a simple border with seed stitch in the middle. Really quick and really fun to do.

Have a simply, lovely Monday! =]

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Step Up Your Game

I’m beginning to be concerned. My school really, really needs to step up their game. Not that long ago, I told you how the transformer blew and the power went out. This really should be a one time deal because I can’t remember having any other power problems in the last three years of being at school. Well, on Tuesday, I get an email in the middle of the day saying how they are shutting the water off from 9 to 11 that night because there had been a water main break. Really, school? Nothing I can do about it so I made sure I took a shower and brushed by teeth before 9 and I was totally calling that the water wouldn’t come back on until at least 12. I actually give the school kudos for getting it back on at 1130. However, some of the girls in the freshmen dorm took a shower during the time when we weren’t supposed to and messed up the water lines. Then Wednesday night, I was just hanging out in my room when the power went out twice for a few seconds each time. This morning I woke up and the light on my iHome was on which really confused me because I dislike how much light that emits so I typically make sure it is all the way down all the time. Then I thought “Well, maybe the remote changed lit it up when we were changing the volume last night” (it’s really strange – the TV remote sometimes controls the brightness of my iHome). When I got out of bed, I realized the time had been reset – i.e. the power went out again last night and the iHome reverted to it’s old settings! This is getting to be a common occurrence and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Anywayyyyy, I am happily knitting away on my scarf.

I got to knit on it a ton yesterday while being almost disturbingly productive. I was able to knit through class and before class. But I also finished and submitted one program yesterday,worked on my research, worked on my other program, did Abstract Algebra and went over all my Probability. Lots of work done with an excellent amount of knitting as well so yesterday was a good day.

And I have the yarn for my next project lined up

It is going to be another scarf and I am carrying it around with me like I am seconds away from finishing my other scarf (I am nowhere near finishing it). And, news flash: my knitting bag smells like apples which is lovely. I keep taking an apple when I leave breakfast each morning and I throw an apple in my bag and for the past two days, I haven’t been eating my apple with my lunch so now my bag smells like apples which is a really nice smell to get when I open my bag.

Have a truly superb weekend! =]

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I found this picture while going through my pictures recently

(The rest of the artist’s work can be found here.) Someone told me this recently and I wish I could remember why. However, I feel it is entirely relevant to my current crocheting project. I am making a pair of hand socks and I was just going to town. In one knitting breakfast session, I did almost the whole hand part. Before I went any further, I decided to try them on. Guess what? I crochet really, really tight – too tight. I had to rip the entire thing out and that was with already modifying the pattern! O well, this was about a week and a half ago and I feel like we are almost ready to make up.

Today’s breakfast blogging features

the scarf! It is getting a bit of air for sure now.

I just love this pattern and how it is turning out. (I wish I could remember where my camera is so I could take better pictures for you but unfortunately, I think it is at home …) The scarf is making a reappearance because yesterday I finished my shawl! I gave it to the person I was knitting it for and she loved it. I had been knitting on it in front of her for about two weeks and she kept telling me how much she loved the colors and she was thrilled to receive it. =]

Today is another day to rock out a long day but Thursday and Friday should be incredibly easy. Interesting how long this week seems when I only have four days of classes rather than five but it happens. Today will be good and tomorrow will be great after today =]

Have a rich and wonderful day =]

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About a zillion and one things have happened from when last I posted and I feel all over the place so I thought I would update you.

1. Last Thursday, my knitting and I took a field trip. It was off to the bar we went together. I got my favorite – a shot of Jameson’s over ice and pulled out my knitting and went to town. The one person sitting there said, “I have a lot of respect for you. You must be really secure with yourself to knit at a bar.” That’s me – the person with enough confidence for myself and about 85 other people. It was a good time. =]

2. Friday night, I was at home so I went to Pumpkin fest with my younger brother and my dad. I made sure to wear my flannel and I had a very excellent time.

3. Saturday, my other brother, my friend, and I went to my first Pittsburgh Pens game. The arena was really awesome and it was quite a different experience from watching it at home. When you watch a game on tv, there is all the added commentary. At the arena, there wasn’t any commentary which made it almost eerily quiet but it was really sweet.

4. Yesterday, I had off from classes but came back early to do homework. I was also able to get a walk in which was so completely awesome because yesterday was a perfect day for a walk.

5.  I am not exactly sure where I put my camera.

6. I am still knitting on my pink shawl. These last 10 rows have the potential to be the death of me.

7. Since we didn’t have classes yesterday, we are running a Monday schedule today even though it is Tuesday. This means I have a Monday schedule immediately followed by a Wednesday. Today, I have class at 9, 10, I should go see a teacher at 11, class at 2, a meeting at 3, and class at 4. Tomorrow, I have class at 9, 10, 2, and calc help session at 6 to 8. Should most definitely be a fun two days.

That’s about it!

Have an excellent one =]

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