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Fancy Friday

Do you celebrate Fancy Friday? It is exactly what the title suggests – a day to put a little more effort into how you look but you do it  just for fun. Today’s Fancy Friday outfit looks like this

It is just an excellent day for a Fancy Friday. It feels like fall outside; it is slightly damp, a bit chilly, and there are leaves on the ground. It’s absolutely wonderful. And I’m going home today which is a lovely gift and get to see my family which will be fantastic. Andddddd … this means I can get more yarn! It’s going to be awesome =]

Have a superb weekend! =]


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Because I’m pretty sure that no one really wants the details of the test that magically appeared in my email Monday night for my probability class due Friday, or all the Abstract Algebra I have been doing, or the quiz I have on Thursday for programming, or how I am still out of yarn, I am devoting today’s post to Darci!

There have been a couple of Darci/knitting moments recently that I really wanted to share because I thought you would enjoy them.

1. Dr. Who Scarf

Have you heard of this craze? People are knitting Dr. Who scarves left and right. In case you aren’t sure what this is here is a picture

It’s supposed to be 20 feet long. Darci actually made her rendition of this here. But recently I got these texts from her in quick succession:

at 11:06: “There is a guy sitting across from me on the bus knitting a scarf.”

at 11:07: “If I could get a picture without being a creep I would.”

at 11:15: “It’s a Dr. Who scarf! I asked ;p ”

at 11:29: “It was a total knit meets nerd moment. He’s made three of them already!”

Three Dr. Who scarves? This guy is a champ! And knitting is so obviously universal – it opens pathways for conversation all the time. =] I personally really enjoyed these texts when I got them =] And I agree – it is a knit meets nerd moment.

2. Breakfast Knitting

Last semester, Darci and I were starting a new trend together – knitting at breakfast. We would go to breakfast together, eat, and pull out our current projects and go to town. It really was some of the most enjoyable times I have  had with Darci.Recently, I got this in a text from her

She is still going strong with knitting at breakfast! (And quite a lovely looking scarf here =] ).  Even though we don’t knit together at breakfast anymore, we both are still knitting early in the morning =]

3. Don’t Mess with Her

Darci does a lot of riding on the bus and that is some seriously good knitting time. But sometimes you get interesting characters on the bus. Well, Darci has a defense for this

Text: “I feel much safer on the bus when I knit … Who’s gonna mess with the girl with the pointy metal things?”

Knitting – it’s versatile! It’s good for passing time and keeping yourself safe  =]

4. This is Key

A Facebook post from her to me:

“I totally forgot to tell you something of the utmost importance! My knitting AND my book fit in my purse at the same time!”

If your knitting does not fit in your purse with your book … there is a good chance you need a better purse =]


Well, that about wraps it up for the day. Thanks Darci for agreeing to be my subject today!

Have a marvelous day =]

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I know that I told you on Friday that I finished my shawl. This was great; the shawl was so big that I was having a hard time carrying it around with me. However, in finishing that project, I have officially run out of yarn for all the projects I have to do and currently have no knitting. You think I would learn after last semester but I really thought I was going to be able to make it through this week. Now, I’m not sure what I will do with my free time or when I don’t want to do homework. . .

Then, last night, I was tucking the ends into my shawl. There was a loose thread and I thought perhaps I hadn’t pulled the end all the way through and when it wouldn’t move, I assumed it was stuck so I cut it. Guess who cut their shawl? Yes, I was able to recover it and fix it but I couldn’t believe I had done such a thing. So, these are my current two tradegies.

However, I did dress up today to start my week off right so hopefully that helps =]

Have a rich and wonderful day =]

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I’m an Idiot

This morning’s top reasons why I am an idiot:

1. I tried to straighten my hair with a cold straighter. That didn’t go anywhere fast.

2. I couldn’t figure out how to get hot water in the cafeteria so I didn’t have tea for breakfast.

3. I may have knitted over an extra 450 stitches in my shawl. When I counted my stitches one way, I had 156 and when I counted the other way, I had 153. Good enough for me; I only needed 153.

And all of this before 9 o’clock!

P.S. My shawl – I casted off and it’s a behemoth! Wait until you see pictures!

Have a lovely weekend ! =]

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And it’s time for everyone’s favorite – breakfast blogging!

(This picture looks a lot like others I have posted; I swear it is a new picture, I just have repetitive breakfasts.)

Last night, I was beyond thrilled to be able to hang out/sleep in my bed. ‘Why?’, you ask. This should be something I do with somewhat regular frequency. Well, recently, I have been super busy and have not had much of a chance to just hang out in my room because I prefer to do my work out and about. However, Monday night, I came back to my dorm around 9, and was asked to evacuate because my building was smoking.

Okay, perhaps it would be best to rewind and start at the beginning. I was in the windowless computer lab around 7 at night on Monday when all of the sudden the power went out. It was really dark in there being as there were no windows. I sat for a second, and the lights came back on. They were the emergency lights, there was a beeping in the hallway, and the computers were making a funny noise. I called Darci and had her talk to me (thanks Darci!) until I was able to pack up my stuff and go outside where it was a bit better. I went to practice piano when I get a text telling me the cafeteria was producing smoke and 4 to 6 fire stations were on their way. Obviously, it was increasingly getting worse. From where I was, I was able to see the firetrucks and knew when they pulled away. It wasn’t that bad. Apparently, a transformer blew. While waiting for the firetrucks to leave, I got to hear my favorite story of the night and that was that part of the gym collapsed, which was by no means true. Like I said, I went back to my dorm and was asked to evacuate. Turns out, the air conditioning units were sparking and causing smoke. After an hour, we were allowed back in the building and told that the power would be out for approximately an hour and o yes, the room did smell like smoke. I decided the better option was to crash elsewhere so a big thanks to my friend who let me stay over. I found out the next day that the power was out for four hours so approximately 10ish to 2 ish in the morning. Not staying in my room – such a wise life decision. (And no the school did not have a two hour delay yesterday – o well.)

This leads me to why I love my bed. Yesterday, I came back earlier than I had in a while and just laid on my bed and did homework. I decided that it would be cool to show you the view from my bed because I think it rocks.

This is taken with my head at the foot of my bed.

This is taken with me laying sideways so I can show you the other wall.

I love my walls. I have never drawn a single picture up there; they are all from family and friends and I love every single one. Some of the pictures I have printed out to color though and that is always a fun activity. And if you look on the ceiling, you can see my glow in the dark stars =] I recently arranged them in the shape of Orion’s belt and Orion himself. I love to lay there at night and see them.

And here is my view

It is pretty fantastic and the sky has been unreal lately. It’s actually a bit better looking than this but it’s what the camera could handle.

That’s about it for this morning’s blogging adventures. I have 10 rows left on the shawl and that is including the cast off row! It’s a beast and huge and thank God there isn’t much more to do – it wouldn’t fit in my bag anymore =]

Have a truly marvelous day =]

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I realized this weekend that I have a problem. At one point, I sat down and wasn’t feeling 100% so I decided that knitting was the better choice over homework thus resulting in almost two hours worth of knitting. Later that day, I came back and said that I would do school work until 9 and ended up knitting around 7:30 until when I had to get ready. This seems to be a serious problem but I know that I am not the only who suffers from it. I know there are people out there who do the exact same thing. Only things is, I enjoy knitting so much that I really can’t bring myself to feel too bad about it.

Last night, my knitting and I went for a field trip. See?

(Sorry for the poor quality; I left my camera in my room and used my phone’s camera.) My knitting and I sat at a place near school where they can have outdoor mass, and I sat there as the sunset and had a truly lovely time being there and knitting. It’s perfect fall weather here. Almost too hot when the sun hits you for too long but chilly enough that you would miss the hoodie if you didn’t have one on. Makes me so excited =]

Have a truly wonderful day =]

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One of my favorite memories from the summer was when my mom found out that I really do go dancing.

I was goofing off in the kitchen (read: either washing dishing or doing the dishwasher and dancing at the same time – it is almost impossible to do either of those two tasks without dancing) and I was saying how excited I was that I got to go out that night and go dancing. Someone asks me ‘You don’t really go dancing do you?’ to which I responded ‘Yes, I do. What do you think I am doing?’ ‘O, I though that was a code word for going out and drinking.’ O, thanks for that because it definitely made me smile =] . But I honestly do love to go and dance and yesterday afternoon, definitely watched some “Dirty Dancing” and this morning the song “I Feel Like Dancing” came on by All Time Low – safe to say, I really wish I could go out dancing this weekend. Perhaps an impromptu dance party will have to take place in my room tonight – even if it is just me and my music =]

I haven’t been able to get to my knitting too much. I can honestly say that this has been the busiest homework week I have had since being at college, and I’ll take that – if it takes me four years to have a week like this, I can let it slide without too much complaining. It was a lot of late nights (well, late for me which is completely different than late for most college students) in the computer lab with no windows (it kind of feels like the life is being sucked out of you when you stay in there too long) and going through my new program. It’s a bit tricky given that I am programming in Ruby and am not totally comfortable with it yet. This basically means when I encounter an error that I have no idea how to fix it. But I made a lot of progress last night, so that makes me happy.

And when I’m not programming, I’m rocking out some type of math. Abstract algebra and I had a battle of about two hours on Wednesday over a problem that was a proof. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say, I won and conquered three white boards in the process of figuring it out. Then, if I just can’t take Abstract and still want to math, there is always Probability to do.

So here is the bit that I have done on the shawl

Yup, it looks pretty much the same. It has increased by about 6 stitches if not 7 – that just shows you how little I have been able to get to this. I realized that I haven’t even had a photo shoot of my socks yet either! I’m hoping to rock out a bunch of rows this afternoon. I finish classes at 11 and will work on homework for a while and then go back to my room and relax and knitting this shawl definitely qualifies as helping me to relax.

Tomorrow night is BINGO and I’m so excited, I can’t even begin to tell you. I hope your weekend will be just as exciting as mine =]

Have a rich and wonderful day =]

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