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Senior year has officially started! And I think we are going to try for Breakfast Blogging every Wednesday but we shall see how that goes.

My dad got to help me move. We were champs and moved all my stuff in really fast and efficiently. Then, we had to hit up Walmart because I left my laundry detergent. I could tell I was back in the middle of Nowhere, PA due to the facts that

1. I could see corn everywhere

2. I saw an Amish woman

3. I saw Amish buggies

4. There was a country station playing in Subway

5. I have already hit up Walmart

These five things pretty much scream that I am back in the middle of nowhere =]

After my dad left, I was organizing my room when all the sudden I realized there was a wasp on the window. And I’m looking at it really close and I finally do determine that why, yes … it is inside the screen and not on the outside of the screen. I absolutely cannot kill wasps. My solution was to go out into the hall, grab someone’s dad and ask them to kill it for me. I did feel better when he came in and said ‘Wow, that really is a big wasp’; it made me feel slightly less wimpy. After he left, I went back to unpacking only to realize there was another one in the room! Long story short – the window in the room has to remain closed and Physical Plant still hasn’t come over to look at it.

Classes started on Monday and in general, I’m semi amused by all of them. My first class is Economics and it is me and a bunch of underclassmen. It’s totally kewl though; I am sitting against the wall and just chilling and it’s at 9 so I am not entirely awake anyway. The next class is Abstract Algebra and I have no idea how I am going to get through that class without spontaneously bursting into laughter. I think my favorite quotes so far from the teacher is ‘I used this book when I learned it! I think that was 8 years ago.’ and ‘5 is an unsafe number.’ The whole thing about the number 5 threw me but eventually – o, approximately 4 or 5 minutes later – he explained why 5 was unsafe. Algorithmic programming reflects some of the principle concepts I was using for my research this summer which is very exciting (eh, perhaps not). I have two other programming classes this semester that are so closely linked that it is going to feel like I have the same class 4 times a week – oy. I am starting my independent study for Probability and Statistics and to help with that I am sitting in on a class for three weeks which just adds to the general madness of my schedule. Lastly, I have piano which is a lovely break in the midst of all of this. It’s going to be a busy semester =]

And in spite of all of this, I am knitting more than I did at home. Look, I finally turned the heel!

I think it might be because I have a better set schedule for myself here and of course, knitting in class always helps too. And this semester, I have decided breakfast and dinner is the way to go rather than lunch and dinner so I have been knitting a lot in the morning. But no matter where or when it is, it’s nice.

I’m hoping to remember to take my camera the next time I go for a walk so I can show you all the fun sights I see. Coming soon (hopefully!)!

Have a rich and wonderful day =]


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This may be the second or possibly the third time that I sat down to post this week so there is a lot to tell.

1. Jelly Hole

Recently, it has been decided that my younger brother, who is 10, needs to start making the peanut butter sandwiches at lunch in preparation for school to start. I brought him into the kitchen and told him to make two sandwiches at the same time and he told me that he would need four knives. I was confused by the large number of knives but I told him to go for it. He got out the peanut butter, jelly, and bread, and told me to watch. He had two knives poised over the peanut butter because he thought that at the same time meant that you had to spread the peanut butter on the two pieces of bread in tandem. I told him no, re-explained what I was after, and he successfully made two sandwiches.

So, there we are eating, and he is sitting next to me. And you know how in bread you can get really little holes? Well, he had a small hole in his where you could see the jelly. This causes him to say, ‘Aw man! I got the one with the jelly hole! I meant to give it to Rose (my sister)!’ and then takes the sandwich and puts it to his forehead. I really don’t know what we are going to do with this kid. =]

I have told this story to a couple of people now and friends have sent me pictures of their jelly holes in toast, and sent me texts about when they get jelly holes. So now if you ever see this

in your bread, know that you are at risk for a jelly hole =]

2. Earthquake

Yesterday, there was an earthquake in Virginia that stretched, I think, up into Canada. I personally did not feel it here in Pittsburgh although my dad claimed he did. I was driving home yesterday with a friend when we heard about this on the radio and we were so perplexed that something like this could happen that we were highly confused by the radio broadcast. Sometimes, really odd things happen.

3. Never Ending Sock

I am still working away at the sock. I make it harder on myself when I do row 12 instead of row 6 thus causing the need to back track four needles. Now, I rearranged the stitches and am slightly confused about where the row actually ends and I think I may need to backtrack again. This sock would be a lot further long if it weren’t for these problems =]

4. School

Yup, I move back to school on Sunday and start classes on Monday which means …. there will be a lot more blog posts again =] I’m looking forward to going back to school. It’s going to be a really busy semester but completely worth it.

Have an excellent one and watch out for those jelly holes! =]

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For a while, I wasn’t really into knitting dishcloths. However, I have realized I do like to knit dishcloths but would rather make a pattern and have fun yarn than to make a dishcloth that has a picture within it. I worked more on the teal and purple dishcloth and ta da! One done!

I really like how it turned out. It has a lot of wave like motion and went together really quick =]

Even more exciting is the next one that I started

It’s a Neapolitan ice cream dishcloth! I love the colors of this yarn and how it is pooling for this dishcloth. The only thing is that the pattern is so easy that I find myself messing it up! But I finally devised a system for the counting so that I don’t mess up anymore (the system is too convoluted to explain – it probably shouldn’t have been that hard =] ). But hopefully, I should have this one done by the end of the day =]

It is going to be a busy weekend. I need to order my school books, clean out my trunk for school (there was a really unfortunate incident involving spilled laundry detergent in my trunk), find some more grad schools, and work on a research poster. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. And today, my cousins are coming over for a visit which should be a good time =]

Have a truly lovely weekend =]

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Catholic Voodoo

Three cheers for the Catholic Voodoo!!! Not familiar with the term? Well, let me explain. There are some strange Catholic superstitions out there (I completely realize that ‘Catholic’ and ‘superstitions’ in the same sentence are a bit of an oxymoron =] ). For example, it is believe that if you take a statue of Saint Joesph and bury him upside down in your yard, your house will sell faster – I am not exactly sure either how that makes sense =]. Our favorite form of Catholic Voodoo at my house is shown below:

Take a statue of Mary, put her in the window, and it is supposed to help with the weather. When I woke up on Saturday, Mary was hanging out in the family room window. This time the Catholic Voodoo worked wonderfully because it is beautiful outside now – a spectacular 75 degrees with a delicious breeze. I went for a five mile walk around the lake near my house with my friend yesterday, and it was the most enjoyable walk I have had all summer. So much so, later today there will be a repeat of that walking experience. =]

On the top of all of this fantastic Catholic Voodoo, there has been a knitting explosion!!!! I have decided my friend needs some dishcloths so I started one of those today.

And here is a close up of the pattern

I am a huge fan of the teals and purples together. And the pattern is really quick to knit up which is good =]

And I decided she is in need of 2 not 1 dishcloths so here is the next one waiting to be cast on

I think the yarn might be called Neapolitian, and it makes me smile. =]

And don’t you worry – I haven’t forgotten about my sock! Here is it!

Looks pretty much the same as it did last time just longer. Well, the decreases just got more exciting because now I will be decreasing every 6 rows rather than every 12 which means things are picking up! =]

I hope you have lovely weather where you are and that you are able to enjoy it!

Have a rich and wonderful day! =]

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I have a ton of random thoughts so here we go. =]

Random 1: Sometimes, you run into situations where you just sit there and say, ‘Really?’ I had this experience recently when I was working on my research. I needed to look up a boundary function so I went and found my Real Analysis book from this past year at school. The information that I needed was in Section 22 and there were some notes that I had written in on the first page of that section. However, I had no notes on it which meant that I needed it for the final but it wasn’t taught to us. I couldn’t believe that the information I needed was one section shy of what I had learned in school. However, I did get it all worked out =]

Random 2: It is quite possible to dye your hair with wet chalk and set it with hair spray. Here is the link. I started to experiment with this today and currently have pink streaks in my hair. I need to play around with it some more to get it where I want it but I super excited with how this came out. =]

Random 3: My sock is still looking sock-like. I am decreasing the calf still but it is getting less and less decreasing where is exciting. There is a heel flap not that far into the future.

Random 4: I just started a new book called Books Can Be Deceiving by Jenn McKinlay. I am not that far into it but within the first chapter, it brings up knitting and Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca (another personal favorite) so I know this will be an excellent book.

Random 5: Have you seen the flashmob from Sock Summit yet? It is simply amazing and I wish I could have taken part in it!

Random 6: There is a Mario Kart frenzy at my house and there may be a luma soon floating around for my younger brother.

Yup, that’s about it =]

Have a wonderfully excellent one =]

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