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Busy … Kinda

I realize that there has been a dearth of blog posts recently. I honestly don’t have one concrete good reason for it but I can let you know all that has been going on.

1. It’s been hot. Really, really hot. As a matter of fact, I was found at the pool twice last week which is almost unheard of for me. It was a good time; I went out night with my family and friends and did not burn at all, which was a lovely little miracle.

2. I had family going-ons. It was recently our family picnic, Harry Potter viewing, celebrating my Grandma’s birthday weekend. This was crazy but a lot of fun at the same time. Best part of it? We all went to church to celebrate my Gram’s birthday. We had 10 pews reserved, and each pew is supposed to hold 8 people; yup, that math says that around 80 members of my family could be there. We all filed into our seats and I felt for the rest of the church – they were probably highly confused by the huge group of people in the front. Then the priest had my Gram stand up and introduced her – we all clapped. Then he introduced her 10 children, 34 grandchildren, and 27 great-grandchildren. What this basically boiled down to was that my family is bigger than most. =]

3. I have been re-reading Twilight. I have always been a fan of Twilight, and I read it before it was popular. Because I have been home so much this summer, I have been finding that I keep running out of reading material so this is what I stumbled upon while I was going through my book shelves recently. I am quite enjoying them and realized I haven’t read them all since right around when I started college so around 3 years.

4. I have been frustrated with my research and it makes me feel anti-computer. It’s a little frustrating but it is what it is =] . However, as I write this I am at Panera to work on research for a bitm and I sincerely think that Panera should invest in more outlets than it has currently. I probably looked like a nut while I table hopped trying to find one with an outlet near it. O well, not the first time I looked like a nut =]

So, it has been busy but kind of not at the same time. Which isn’t bad; it makes for a nice balance. =]

I also have been working on the second sock! Here it is:

It’s just a baby sock still but it is coming along. The socks will be fraternal and not identical twins. On the first sock, the ribbing was stripped but this one had more of a solid stripe. Which is perfectly fine but fun – I don’t think I have ever made fraternal socks before.

Well, I hope everything has been great for you – a little busy and a little not busy. =]

Have a good one =]



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Recently, I was thinking about knitting (surprise surprise =] ) and what it is like when I teach people to knit. I did a knitting project in high school that required a group of people to help me out. I very sweetly had a lot of people volunteer but not many of them knew how to knit. On the first day of the group meeting, I had a ton of knitting needles and a bunch of different yarn that my mom had brought down because she was also going to help people learn how to knit. Everyone came in, and we started to teach people how to knit. People did not have a lot of trouble with the knit stitch but the most interesting part was at the end. People would come to the last stitch, look at me, and say ‘What do I do now?’ like they were afraid that taking that last stitch off the needle would be disastrous or they would make a mistake if they did not treat this stitch differently. I always told them ‘It’s okay, just knit it like you did the others.’ I would have people knit the next row and once again at the end of the row, worry about what to do.

This made me think of Julia Child who said ‘Don’t be afraid!’ Sometimes, that is the best advice one can get. Oftentimes, we just need the reminder to delve headlong towards those things that scare us the most. Thinking back over certain things in my life, the advice of ‘Don’t be afraid’ is what helped to propel me forward and keep me going.

Even though Julia Child was referring to cooking with this saying, it is highly relevant to knitting as well as life. Knitting is a scary venture; you don’t truly know what the outcome of your project will be. You hope that it is what you would like but sometimes it takes unexpected twists and turns and suddenly, it is better than you dared hope. However, sometimes, you look at what you are knitting and wonder ‘When did this become this?’ and you have to tear it apart and start again.

By remembering not to be afraid, one can continue to venture forward with knitting, cooking, and life. =]

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Dark Magic

Sometimes, things seem like they are working out and bam! A curve ball is thrown and you have to stop and re-evaluate what is going on.

Recently, I was ready to turn the heel on my sock. I had completed the heel flap and knew that turning the heel required a very large bit of my concentration because of all of the counting involved. I know that mistakes on the heel aren’t irreversible but they really freak me out. So, I took my sock upstairs to my room, put my music on, and started to turn that heel. Turning the heel went fine and it turned out lovely.

However, I decided that after that I would pick up the gussets as well. Turning the heel and picking up the gussets always go together in my mind so I like to do them at the same time. I was running round the round picking up stitches and counting like mad when I realized 3 needles back, I had made a mistake. I ripped out the work I had done, re-did it, and finished that round. I had had greater aspirations for doing the first two rows of gusset decrease but after that fiasco, I decided it was best to leave it alone. It was truly a moment of dark magic – something wonderful that was tinted by my mistake.

I soldiered on and this is what I got for my efforts.

That is right, everyone – it’s a completed sock!!! There is some really interesting pooling starting near the ankle and definitely at the second half of the foot but I love the way it came out. This means that I get to wind the next hank of yarn and start the next one! Once that one is completed there will most definitely be another photo shoot of my lovely feet =]

I hope everything is wonderful for you =]

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Busy Busy Busy

I know it has been a while since I posted. There are two main reasons for that.

The first reason is the amount of stuff that I have been up to. This weekend was quite full. It started off with a thrilling and exciting night of straightening my book shelves at home (the books were spilling out into the room). Then, Saturday was a night full of laser storm, go karting, and mini golf. The last time I went to laser storm was probably close to four or five years ago so I really did have quite a good time. Sunday was a cookout with a friend, and Monday was fourth of July! Myself and a group of friends went and saw fireworks and capped off the night with Monopoly. All in all, a busy time as of late but totally worth all of it =]

The second reason is that as lovely and beautiful as my sock is, it was pretty much the same looking just longer (okay there was some decreasing going on but nothing really exciting). However, yesterday we entered into the land of the heel flap! Here are some lovely pictures of my lovely sock =]

I put this one up so you can see how long it is. I also put this up knowing that my family will undoubtedly make fun of my white leg; although, believe it or not, I was at the pool last night, and I know for a fact that the sun touched this leg – you would never know it though.

Here is another look at those really nice cables up the back. Makes me smile every time I look at them =]

Here is the lovely heel flap that I just completed. The yarn actually looks really sweet the way it came together in patches. Either later today or tomorrow, I will start the magic of turning the heel!

Now, I am getting mildly nervous. I am sure that I ordered enough yarn based on weight however this is what I have left of this skein

I am just not going to look at it anymore and hope that it all works out.

I hope you have been having a wonderful time of it as well =]

Have a great one =]

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