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Wonderful Weekend

Sometimes, you just get lucky and everything works out in a wonderful way. This weekend was one of those times. =]

Friday night, there was a celebration for the pastor of my church who was celebrating 25 years of the priesthood. My dad and I went together, and it was a good time to dress up and hang out with my dad. There was a lot of people there I hadn’t seen in a while, and it was quite lovely to visit and enjoy everyone’s company.

Saturday was a continuation of that good time. I went to a grad party where a few people from the night before showed up as well as others that I, once again, had not seen in a while. After the party, it was off to the city to wrap up my night with a bunch of friends for a truly great time. =]

Not only was there so much visiting this weekend, two other important events took place. To start with, a set of perfect buttons was found!

The backs are what make them so perfect. Because the holes are actually inside the other side of the buttons, the buttons are able to sit flush against what they are sewed onto. Unfortunately, we only found one set, and we found them in a box in the basement rather than a store. However, this means that I can now finish one of my sack people and the other one will continue to look like it died with x’s for eyes until I can get a second set. =]

And, secondly but no less important, my yarn arrived on Friday!!!!

I was not able to do anything with it on Friday because of going out with my dad, but for the rest of the weekend, I worked on it a ton. Here are so close ups of the cables.This first one is the double hourglass cable up the back.

It is quite easy to do and very enjoyable except for when I did row 11 of the pattern rather than row 10 and had to go back three needles. Other than that, it is turning out just as lovely as I thought it would.

Here are some of the cables that run up the sides and up the front.

They are to the right of my thumb in this picture. They are a little harder to see in the picture but are quite nice.

So the last exciting thing this weekend was to redo the graph for this pattern. I realized I was making mistakes because it was hard to differentiate between the symbols so …

I made myself a color coded chart in Excel that is much easier to read. =]

The entire weekend was great between the celebration, party, going to the city with friends, buttons, yarn, and a start to a new pair of socks. The weekend was indeed wonderful =]

Have a sparkling day =]


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Last night, it was off to Starbucks to study for the GRE which was not the most fun I have had in a while shall we say. However, afterward, it was off to a friend’s house for smores and a campfire. And yes, we did sing The Campfire Song Song (warning: Darci said she lost brain cells watching this … just a heads up =] ).

Anddddddddddddddddddddddd …. today I received email confirmation – my yarn is winging it’s way across country!!!!

Have a super fabulous one =]

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This weekend, I finished three outstanding projects! It definitely made me feel wildly productive =]

Saturday, I set myself up in front of NCIS with my two unfinished sack boys. This was perfect because it was about nap time, and I would have work to do while watching my show. After two shows, I had

It is still a semi mystery of how the blue one came out so much smaller than the brown one but they are both very cute and cuddly. I did the ‘proper stuffing’ technique. When I first started to stuff toys that I made, I would take a bunch of stuffing and stuff like that. However, I read somewhere that you are supposed to make little stuffing balls and stuff that way for optimal stuffing. It really does work but it is a pain to do. Ergo, not all that long ago, myself and my brother and sister were all rolling little stuffing balls for me to stuff these guys with. But it really does pay off in the end. They still are waiting for their button eyes but those will take no more than max 15 minutes to sew on so I am saying these are 97% done =]

And, perhaps you remember my scarf? The lovely one? Well, it finally made it down to the laundry (thanks, Mom!)! This meant that I was able to put the finishing touches on it this weekend.

And the detail work …

I did not realize that I would finish this this weekend as well so I am quite pleased. It was definitely a sewing-centric weekend but totally worth it. The best part about all of this? I won’t feel held back when my new yarn gets here!!! Worst part? I don’t have any more knitting and don’t want to start anything until my yarn gets here. The beautiful, little Catch 22 makes a sneaky appearance. O well, I will just appreciate my yarn that much more =]

Have a lovely one =]

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I love when little unexpected things happen that just completely and 100% make your day. Today, I went to Giant Eagle and was ordering cheese at the deli counter. Now, when my siblings and I were younger, the person getting us our order at the deli counter would give us a piece of cheese on wax paper to eat while we walked around the store. So, imagine my surprise today when the lady handed me a piece of cheese on a piece of wax paper while I was ordering my cheese! It was so awesome and completely made me smile. When I told my mom, she asked me while laughing, “How old are you?” Old enough to drive myself to the store to grocery store but still young enough to really be excited about that cheese =]

Anyway, I have been stuffing and sewing my lovely little sack people. Here are their bodies.

Its quite clear the blue one was knit while I was a bit tenser but these things happen =] And I’m quite happy to be done with putting the zippers in the bodies. It is not hard just kind of a pain.

I started working on the heads as well. And I need 3/4 inch buttons and at one point, I found the perfect buttons. They are like bubbles and have the hole in the button. However, I can’t find them anywhere out here in Pittsburgh. I actually asked my friend two hours away near school to check the Walmart out there because I know that is where I got the other ones. Hopefully, she finds them!

While I am waiting for the buttons, I wanted to work on the mouths for the sack people and this is what I have so far

He looks a little ghoulish with the x’s for eyes but I really needed place holders. My mom pointed out that he looked like the Scrump doll from ‘Lilo and Stitch.’ But I have finished all the arms and legs.

It looks like a massacre of arms and legs but eventually they will all be put together on the dolls and I will have two really cute dolls =] My goal is to finish the dolls before my sock yarn gets here so I definitely have motivation!!!

Have a great weekend!!! =]

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All right. I know I should have taken it slow. I should have insisted on getting to know it better. I should have spent time with it, understanding it, learning it’s secrets. I should have said ‘Hey, let’s slow this down and see where it goes,’ but I just couldn’t. I jumped in and fell head over heels in love without a second thought for myself.

Why? Because I finally found the perfect sock pattern!! I have been hunting for it for a while. I have had this niggling little voice in the back of my head that whispers to me the magic of socks, little size two needles, a heel flap, and the mysteriousness of turning the heel. But I just couldn’t do it. I had no inspiration. So I started looking for a perfect pattern and nothing was cutting it. I wanted something reminiscent of the beautiful rose socks but I just couldn’t find something close to it. And I was starting to think ‘Perhaps I should just make those ones again’ but I just was not feeling it.

Well, last night, I was perusing the internet looking for my sock pattern again. And wham! I found it. Here is the link . I think they are absolutely one of the most gorgeous pair of socks I have seen in a while. I love that they are knee highs. I love the intricate detail of the double hourglass cables up the back and the little cables down the front. I am absolutely, head over heels, uncontrollably in love with this pattern. And to make this even better, I had just ordered yarn before I found this pattern. This is the yarn . And I am in love with this as well. However, I am debating if I want to make this pair of socks in a solid color as shown or in the new yarn that I just ordered that is variegated in it’s color scheme. I don’t know; what would you do?

No matter if I use the variegated or a solid, these socks will be made in all their glorious wonderfulness. I absolutely cannot wait at all to start them because … I am absolutely in love with this pattern in case you hadn’t figured that out =]

Have a rich and wonderful day =]

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Once upon a time, a slipper was about to be born. The pattern was found and delightfully rejoiced over. Quickly, the yarn sought and bought in a wonderful shade of pink. The perfect finishing touch was the lovely button that would grace the slipper after it was created.

The slipper was knit up quickly. It was knit very fast due to the excitement of knowing what it would be when it was all finished. The pieces were completed and sewn together. Then it was the first ever felting experience for this knitter. She followed the instructions carefully on how to felt because she did not want the slipper to fall apart now. The slipper felted up beautifully, and the knitter waited anxiously for it to dry.

Two days later, the knitter sewed the strap on and the button and voila! A slipper was born!

The knitter was overjoyed with how the slipper turned out and showed that lovely slipper off to everyone. It was joyfully worn everywhere around the house. Then the slipper was so special that it accompanied the knitter back to college. That slipper was put on practically every time the knitter was in her room; it went to the laundry room to switched clothes from the washer to the dryer; it went upstairs to attend meetings. This slipper was special.

After the semester, the slipper was brought back home and was worn some more. Then one night the knitter made a horrific discovery!

That lovely, wonderful, magnificent slipper had been worn so much a hole had been created! A hole in the amazing slipper! This was a terrible tragedy not only for the slipper but for the knitter as well.

Rest in peace, slipper. You truly were wonderful.

Have a superb one =]

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Hey everyone! I’m Sarah, a friend of Colleen’s… we met at a library job we both used to have.  The job wasn’t great, but Colleen was, and the rest is history. Colleen graciously invited me to guest blog back in January, but my knitting schedule tends to work as follows:

January–April: What is knitting again? When was that paper due again? Tomorrow?!!? Oh crap crap crap…
May-July: I love Knitting! I love Crochet! Let’s buy yarn for all the projects I’m gonna make in the future!
*make projects here*
August: Alright, this semester, I’m not going to forget how much I love knitting. I’m going to bring all my newly bought yarn to college and knit in all my free time! It’s going to be totally awesome (A Very Potter Musical Reference, anyone?)
September-November: I don’t have time to knit! I have 2 exams this week! Ahhhh!!!
December: Oh, that’s right, I have all this nice yarn… which project did I intend this for again? Oooo, Ravelry has cool new patterns… maybe a Christmas order of yarn at knitpicks wouldn’t hurt anyone…

so… repeat the above, and… this is why I’m now guest blogging in June.

Well, anyways, this year, right around the end of April, I realized my boyfriend’s birthday was coming up May 1st. In my infinite wisdom, I immediately thought that this would be the perfect time to knit something for him! Classes were winding down, and I figured something like a scarf would be a good, mindless knit that I could get done in the two weeks I had if I really worked at it.

But then I found… a Double Helix Scarf Pattern …knit with cables on size 3 and 5 needles…I’m an idiot. BUT, if you are as nerdy as my boyfriend and I are, that pattern is about as awesome as it sounds. I decided to do a modified version where I wouldn’t carry the cable all the way through, in order to have a chance of finishing it around his birthday.

So I knitted. And knitted. I ripped out stitches because, heh, cabling can be a bit of a challenge (especially when you are on a budget and don’t own a cable needle so you swap it out with a different size dpn…) And on April 30th, I looked down at my progress!

First thought: Woohoo! DNA!
Second thought: This scarf is currently a foot long… damn.

But my boyfriend is awesome, so explained I had something in the works but it would take a bit longer, and gave him a picture collage and card for the day of. I’m going to visit him in NYC in July, so I figured that should give me plenty of time and it would be cool for him to get a present in July (despite the fact that it is a scarf).

So, I got home, and 5 seasons of Dexter and a few movies later…

A 6 foot DNA scarf! But, given the pattern, the thing curls in on itself like nobody’s business. So I set it up to steam block (it’s an acrylic so blocking is a bit of a pain). I blocked and steamed away, unpinned and… it was still curling. Uggggg… so I redid the whole thing again, and this time snapped a picture. (ignore the spots, our steam iron leaks)

Finally, I unpinned it and… well, it still has a bit of a curl, but overall… TADA! .. a bit large on me since it’s for a person who is almost a foot taller than me.

And a closeups of those crazy cables…

The last question… to add fringe or not? I think it would look spiffy with a nice fringe, but I’m not sure if fringe is manly… solution? I’ll give it to him as such and let him decide!
That’s all for now! Thanks to the awesome Colleen for letting me guest blog…  🙂 The scarf is now being packaged away so that it happily awaits its trip up to NYC. Hopefully, the new owner will like it! Knitting for other people is really awesome.  😀

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