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From Friday to today, I have completed another shrug!

(The reason I did not model this one was because it is too small for my wingspan even though I made it the same as the last one. I must have been a little tense while crocheting but a person with a smaller wingspan than I will still be able to wear it .)

The way this was made possible was through watching Mulan I with the kids, Mulan II with the entire family, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by myself, one episode of NCIS and voila! Another shrug! I find I can always crochet or knit better when I can watch something or listen to music. The process becomes almost automatic and becomes one of the most relaxing processes ever – which is why I love to knit and crochet so much =]

A happy Memorial Day to you all =] It is true the weather is lovely for all and any picnics today but it is so very warm. That’s okay though; even I got color this weekend – o wait, that time allowed for more crocheting which made being outside truly lovely =]

Have a rich and wonderful day =]


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Yup, it’s a good way to wrap up the week by finishing the current project. With the help of copious amounts of NCIS this afternoon, I was able to finish my shrug.

A front view …

A back view …

I think it turned out quite nice. I finished the cuffs yesterday and today sewed the whole thing together. I had forgotten how relaxing it is to just sew things together so it was quite enjoyable.

So what does this mean? I can start on my gray one now. =]

Have a truly lovely weekend =]

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I don’t know about where you are but here all it does is rain this summer. Now, do not get me wrong; I adore, love, and cherish the rain. And there has been some rockin’ and rollin’ rain too. One of the odd things is that my younger brother got his kite caught up in a tree. After all the rain and wind, it is still there but the wind and rain was so bad it took out part of our fence. It is highly inconsistent.

However, last night, it was bee-you-ti-ful. A truly lovely day. It was a little after seven last night and my family was all getting ready to watch tv together and wham! No power! Two important things happened after that: 1) we heard the phrase “Do not open the fridge!” and 2) we were starting to think that perhaps the Rapture was here after all just a few days late.

However, crocheting does not required power so away I crocheted. I crocheted inside until it got too dark inside. Then I took myself outside to our new wicker rocking chair and crocheted out there for a while as well. What I ended up with was an almost complete main part of the shawl.

I really like how it is turning out. The colors are particularly fall like and warm. I may only have one or two more rows to go. I kept telling myself, “I’m almost done and then I just need to cast off!” Um, no not quite – that would be knitting. I am thinking that I should start a knitting project next =]

Have a lovely one =]

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When a stink bug woke me up at 7:45 this morning by buzzing against the metal blinds in my room, I should have known something not quite so very good was going to happen today.

However, the on the brighter side of things, I got to see Pirates this weekend! I know the reviews are not great but I am not quite as discriminating about movies as some are but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Although, the best part during the movie was not even in the movie. During a non-funny moment in the movie and while the theater was pretty much silent, my friend burst out laughing thus causing people in the theaters to laugh at her. Definitely made me laugh that is for sure.

This morning, I went three miles on an outdoor track at the school near my house. Problem was I forgot that people were still in school so I ended up walking three miles with a bunch of junior high schoolers. It could have been worse but definitely something to keep in mind for next time.

Andddddddd, I finished reading an article for my research! This article was soooo comprehensive; it basically said, “Take everything you have learned at college so far and be ready to apply it.” This article had linear algebra in the form of matrices, real analysis in the form of supremums, probability in the form of distributions, physics in the form of circuits and resistors, and computer science in the form of code. It was a big task but I finally made it through. I think I might go back and read it once comprehensively without stopping to look up all the terms to get a better idea of the full picture.

Okay, here is what made today semi tragic. See how pretty?

It was going to be a lovely shrug. However, here is the problem

Yup, that is right everyone. Not enough yarn. I needed at least another 9 rows and this just was not going to cut it. So, now we have

… two full balls of yarn, no shrug, a slightly depressed me, and a lesson learned. O well, such is life. There is yarn in the basement that we have approximately six skeins of so I will use that and there will be no way that I run out of yarn with that.

Have a lovely one =]

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I live in the suburbs and I am under no delusions about living there. I make fun of the suburbs as much as the next person. But this weekend, what I saw took the cake. End of story.

I was taking my nightly walk and in front of me were three young boys. They had a bunch of fishing poles and nets and I thought it was pretty kewl they were going off for a short fishing trip. Then all three of them turned sideways and I saw that each of them had what looked like a fancy drink from Starbucks. Granted, it may not have been from Starbucks but the sight was so ridiculous that I could not believe it: three boys fishing with fancy drinks. Ahhhh … there is nothing quite like the suburbs.

Moving beyond that strange sight, here is another one for you.

I didn’t have anyone to hold the yarn while I wound it so I improvised!!! It didn’t work out too badly surprisingly. I once tried to wind yarn while having it hang off the top of the chair and that one did not work well at all.

After winding the yarn, I knitted some more on my scarf even taking it to a play I went to this weekend.

(It’s a little dark but that is my knitting and the aisle I was sitting next to.) I knitted so much this past weekend. Except for when I took a break to build my legos!

They are Pirates of the Caribbean legos and were absolutely so much fun to build and I got to watch Tangled as well. The movies and legos were quite good.

I was also able to finish my scarf!!! Well, the actual scarf part of it anyway.

This is a picture of the pattern really close up. I just absolutely adore how it turned out. It is everything that I wanted it to be.

I also started on the flowers that will adorn the bottom of the scarf. Here is a black rosette

I also have the startings of a second flower however I have no idea how to twist it appropriately so that it can look like it is supposed to but I will continue duking it out with that as the week progresses.

I hope you have a lovely one =]

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Halfway There

Okay, that’s almost true. I am actually two rows past halfway there on my new scarf. It is turning out quite lovely.

I really like the loops and the lacy parts of the pattern. (Note: the pretty nails … they make me happy to see them =] )

It’s only supposed to be about five inches wide but I am absolutely loving the way it is turning out. I am still debating on if I like the way this scarf is knitted up. Because this scarf is knitted down the long side there are only 50 rows but with a lot stitches, it takes a lot longer to go through each row. Knitting on the short side of the scarf makes it feel like it is going faster but knitting 5 to 6 feet worth of scarf takes a while. I have no idea which is actually faster but given the fact that I am already halfway done with the width so far, I am okay with it.

And, as a public service announcement, I would like to let you know Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is coming out next Friday and I am so excited for it! You will probably see another picture of my nails because OPI came out with a Pirate Caribbean line and I am looking forward to using it. =]

Have a bright and spectacular day =]

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Crazy Circulars?

After casting on 270 stitches, I am finally ready for my next project. I found this pretty kewl scarf while perusing Ravelry. I like the laciness of it and thought that it could double up for late summer and early to mid fall. Do you remember that yarn that I ordered for the shirt that just would not work? Well, I found a use for it.

It’s a lot of stitches but is really soft and is going to be quite lovely. Here is a the pattern up close.

I cannot wait to get more of the pattern going but I can tell it will be quite amazing. However, I would like to interrupt this blog post to take a moment to express my … reluctance … towards circulars.

I never have been very found of circulars. I adore straights. They are respectable, and you know what you are going to get out of them. However, with circulars, they bend every which way and I despise using circulars when I am not making circular things. But with this project and 270 stitches, I needed to use the circulars. They are not as bad as I remembered but I still would have preferred straights. O well, perhaps I will have an entirely different point of view when this project is complted.

In the midst of becoming friends with the circulars, I have continued to work on my booties. I finished one!

I think it turned out pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. It makes me happy to look at it =]

Have a sparkling one =]

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