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Converse and Skulls

I finally was able to hand off the skull hand socks! I was so disappointed because I thought I could give them to my friend before I went home for Easter break and then I didn’t meet up with her. So yesterday, I heard she would be near campus, so I thought I could give them to her then. However, I thought she was coming up at night and she came up for the afternoon. Yes, I missed her again. Then last night, she made a surprise visit to my room and voila! Hand sock delivery complete! Then she so graciously allowed a photo shoot so you may see them in all their glory.

And for fun,

They turned out just lovely and I am so happy with them. And a big thanks to Megan for the photo shoot as well. Overall, it was quite fun =]

Also, I came back to school but I’m only here for the most pointless six days ever. I knew I couldn’t bring up yarn and needles for a really big project, so instead I brought stuff for a little project and o yes, it is a good one. My current project? Making baby booties that look like converse high tops. Yup, it is that kewl. Here is the pattern and yes, it is a Ravelry one. They are quite easy and fast to make. Here is what I have so far.

with it’s counterpart of

The only problem being, I did look at the pattern before I left my house and it called for a G hook. I completely thought I had it covered but didn’t realize the pattern also called for a size 3.00 mm hook. I carry a ton of hooks with me but not a size 3.00 mm (typical). So instead I am using a 2.75 mm and here it is

Not horrible, but still makes for a bit trickier time of it. O well, I will power through.

Then with this yarn

will be transformed into the crocheted version of this

They should be a really really fun project. =]

I hope you have a marvelous one =]


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According to Linus from the Peanuts Gang, “Happiness is a warm blanket.” This statement I can totally agree with; there are fewer things in life that I enjoy more so than having clean, warm blankets on my bed. That ranks right up there with having a warm, clean towel right out of the shower. However, I can completely expand upon the idea of happiness.

Happiness is having a household full of people all talking at once. Happiness is dying Easter eggs with my younger brother only to realize I need to give him my full attention so that the kitchen table does not become an assortment of colors. Happiness is having my sister and brother be absolutely appalled because my dad ate a dyed egg today rather than waiting for tomorrow. Happiness is watching my younger brother try to mash bananas and give up and needing me to finish it for him. Happiness is sitting with my family knitting while they watch various sports games or knitting while they play on the Wii. Happiness is watching a movie with my family while the kids are up and watching NCIS after the younger kids go to bed. Happiness is being at home and being with my family.

The knitting I got done while watching various TV is …

two correctly sized booties! On a lovely lacy background as well.

They turned out cute and lovely. I really like the buttons that my mom picked out for them and they are the same size as well!!!

Happiness is having two booties turn out to be the same size. Happiness is succesffully finishing a knitting project.

Happiness is being at home for Easter break and being able to spend it with my family.

Have a blessed and happy Easter, everyone =]

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Have you ever tried to pick up someone else’s project and work on it? I am a notoriously tight knitter and my mum is much more relaxed when she knits. In coming home, she showed me her current project for my cousins which is baby booties. They are something I have never made before and are quite cute and a true quick and easy knit. So today, since it is Good Friday, my family always has serious down time during 12 to 3, while Christ hung on the cross. My down time involved reading and a lot of music. I then realized how much I wanted to knit but I didn’t want to go and poke around at my shirt and start that so I grabbed the booties and went to town. I finished knitting one and then after dinner knitted 90% of the other. See?

They are lovely and cute … but different sizes. This means this will not be a pair of booties but rather a triplet of booties with a third larger one in case of who knows what. It really isn’t a big deal because they really do take no time to put together and are quite simple to make. I’m just thankful I have never had this problem of different sizes when I have made socks. That would be tragic.

Have an amazing one =]

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I’m so excited because today I get to bypass Differential Equations and head home early for break!!!! It has been around six weeks since I was home for Spring break and it was a long six weeks worth of classes. I have never heard so many people say that they have no motivation like I have this semester and I honestly think it is because there was such a huge gap between both breaks. Anyway though, I have been packing and here is a picture of the disaster zone.

And amazingly enough, there is two more bags worth of clothes and my sewing machine that need to go home as well. I cannot wait to go home and enjoy NCIS with my family, my couch, and all the knitting needles I could possibly want. It is going to be a simply wonderful break =]

Have a fantastic one =]

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My dilemma is such – I have a faulty pattern, a good pattern, needles for the faulty pattern, no needles for the good pattern, and yarn. In essence, I am stuck. I realized that that pattern I got from Annie’s Attic said to cast on 58 stitches with 20 stitches giving 4 inches – took me a little while but I figured out that the math just wasn’t working out. So unfortunately, I have no knitting and I am not going home til Wednesday. This just means that I will be looking up tons and tons of  patterns and probably be on pattern overload.

This week is not going to be bad at all. I finish my Movies with a Message class today and Physics should not be too much of a pain. I hoping to miss class on Wednesday for Differential Equations so I can go home early. Wednesday I am hanging out with my younger siblings and it should be an excellent time.Things are just calm for now which is good seeing as this time next week, I will be amping up for finals.

Have a superb one =]

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Look who came for a visit!

Yes everyone, it is the irascible yet lovable Flat Stanley! For those of you that may not be acquainted with Flat Stanley, he is a character from a book that travels all around. So what children in school do is they print out an outline of him, color him in, and send him on his way to family and friends so that he may have an adventure! This Flat Stanley is from Darci’s cousin and was visiting for the past week. Here, he is hanging out with me while I did some programming. He was highly interested in what was going on.

Additionally, I finished the hand socks – 100% which means the ends are tucked in! Now, I am just waiting for the next time my friend comes up to school so that we can do a photo shoot of her hands.

Yesterday was also a big day because I did my poster presentation for my movie class which means that my week is pretty much over. Everything is easy from here especially knowing that there is no physics class tomorrow – a happy Friday to me =]

Have a sparkling one =]

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Good morning everyone! Today is an absolutely fabulous day! The reason why – I gave my thesis presentation yesterday and now I am completely done with it!! Done, done, done – D-O-N-E, done! I am absolutely thrilled about this. It went really well too. I dressed up in my vintage looking dress thus causing a “Colleen Meets the 1950’s” look. The fun thing was because I was so dressed up I actually went all out and wore kitten heels. Almost killed myself three times in wearing them before the presentation and had to take them off during the presentation. But it went well and it is over and more than anything, I’m so happy about that.

And, as an added bonus I finished my hand socks yesterday!!! Okay, so 90% finished them because the ends still need in but I currently am at breakfast, had a quick photo shoot with them and thought I would show you.

And …

So today I hope to tuck the ends in and be completely done but that may have to wait until tomorrow.

Have an excellent one =]

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