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Dirty Little Secret

Okay, let’s face facts – everyone has their dirty little secret. Whether it be you actually do like that stupid show on TV and you secretly watch it when no one is around or if you are nerdier than you let on, everyone has their little secret. What’s my little secret? Well, it looks a little like this …

It’s the place crafts go to die. Well, this isn’t technically true. Crafts get thrown into this bag and it could be months or even years before they make a come back. Recently, when I got Darci needles, I had to rescue them from this bag. The sock that I took them from I think I ditched near the beginning of February. And now it is once again just a little ball of yarn. The craft bag is a little scary. Made scarier by the fact that there is thread in there and the thread and the yarn are duking it out for who can escape the most and make the biggest mess. At some point, the craft bag will be too full and threaten to take over the room and eventually the world, but for right now, I’ll just keep shoving things into it.

Okay, now so that you don’t think too badly of me, here is what else I have been up to:

Purple and green skull hand socks!!!! They make me so excited and I had a lovely time knitting last night by the fire and enjoying some wonderful company. Hopefully, today brings more of the same.

Have a fantastic one =]


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So Much Excitement!

It’s time to celebrate because my yarn is here!!!! See, see, see!

I totally had this yarn figured out. I knew that this yarn had left Duncansville (about 30 minutes max away from my school) around 7:00 yesterday morning. So, I checked my email constantly to see if I had gotten a package notice. Darci and I went up to the mail room so she could send out some letters and I noticed that the mail truck had just gotten there. I realized that it would be later in the day that I would get the package notice if at all. At 2:10 I checked my mail, and voila! My package was here! However, I knew that this was going to happen. I have piano lessons at 2:30 and I knew that my package would get here just in time so I would have to run up and get it and try to make it back in time for my lessons. I get the email and up I run. The lady who gave me my package actually asked me if I had gotten the email because the turn around from when she sent it to when I arrived to get my package was so fast. But anyway, the yarn is here and I’m so excited about it! This yarn is destined for purple and green skull hand socks (purple background with green skulls). I have already cast on =]

Here is what else is happening, my roommate is going to poke her eye out. She recently received sock yarn and looked a little scared about it. I pulled needles out of a sock that had been abandoned in February and gave her my needles. And now she has this

This is great yarn. It is the Serenity Sock yarn and it is actually a color scheme that I have considered buying before. She is doing a fantastic job and I cannot wait to see how they turn out!

Have an absolutely wonderful one =]

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My yarn is coming. I know it is. I can track it. Currently it tells me that it left Leetsdale, PA (which is in the Pittsburgh area) at 1 o’clock in the morning on Saturday. And then it does not say that it arrived anywhere. It is only 2 hours away from me and I really really want it. I have some yarn here at school with me with some needles and I also have crochet hooks but here is the problem: I do not want to start something, receive my new projects and then ditch the other project and feel residual guilt about that project. It has happened before. Or, I feel so guilty that I put off my new stuff until I finish my other, slightly less desirable project. Either way, I do not win.

Lesson learned here: bring more knitting/crocheting projects to school rather than having to wait for yarn to be delivered. Hopefully, it is here soon.

Have a sparkling one =]

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A Vision

Today, I feel absolutely fabulous. Sometimes it truly is the clothes that helps a person to feel wonderful. Today, I had this amazing outfit on …

and then Darci pointed out that my nails matched so here we go again …

Here is the deal though. I totally could see this outfit made completely out of yarn. In the book Chicks with Sticks (It’s a Purl Thing) (teenage chick lit … it’s good for a quick, enjoyable read), one of the main characters tries to free form a skirt to pull on over her jeans. I could completely knit a shirt for myself much in the same manner as the one here. There is lovely yarn that has sparkle incorporated into it which would be so much fun to make into a skirt. I have made scarves before which would completely be covered. Weirdly enough, I have looked up to see if one can make tights/leggings, and they can be created using yarn. Also, I have the pattern for my shirt coming. I could make this outfit using just yarn. It’s a pretty kewl thing to think about. Just dreaming about it now =]

Have a wonderful weekend =]

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Here is the deal … I’m in need of new projects and so I am getting some new stuff to work on.

Firstly, I will be making hand socks for a friend. I’m waiting for her to pick the colors so I can order the yarn and then I will get started on those. It was a pretty sweet deal – I make her hand socks and she draws me a picture for my wall. We both scored big on this one.

Second, I told my mom recently I wanted to try and make a shirt. She found me the best pattern and yarn to go with it. It is this really cool off the shoulder shirt with really pretty lacy detailing on the top of it. You can see it here. I ordered the pattern and yarn last night so I am waiting anxiously for that to arrive in the mail.

Third, now that I have a sewing machine, I am going to start poking around online for free dress patterns for the summer. I love to wear dresses in the summer and rather than buying a new dress this year, I will make it for myself.

Fourth, my mom also bought the pattern for these. I will be making myself one or two of these delightful little shawls as well.

I’m pretty much covered; my projects include knitting, crocheting, and sewing. I’ll be good to go for a while. I can’t wait to show you these projects once I get started with them. I promise to keep you posted.

Have an absolutely wonderful day =]

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! It is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day; the air is slightly damp and it will warm up later and I saw blue sky peeking between the clouds with the promise of more blue skies to come.

And, because I wanted nothing more than to finish my clover hand socks for today, I did!!! They are completely done! Darci and I had a photo shoot this morning so you can see them in their shining glory! (Thanks muchly, Darci!)

Here is me all decked out for the day =]

Before I say anything about them really, I would like to point out that my nails are lime green and the camera made them look orange. Although, between my pale skin, the green hand socks and the nails that look orange, I look like an Irish flag.

Anywho, I’m really happy with how the clover hand socks came out =] Definitely a learning experience, especially in how tight I am actually knitting. Working with multiple colors was extremely fun and I’m happy I wasn’t overly ambitious with how many colors I started out with. Anymore than two colors could have potentially done me in.

I hope everyone has a glorious and wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day! Enjoy your corned beef and cabbage and all the Irish music you desire =]

(A special shout out to my brother Ben because today is his birthday! So Happy Birthday, Ben!)

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It’s a special post!!! Today we have a guest blogger – a Ms. Darci Jones!!! She is an accomplished knitter and a wonderful friend. And yes, this is my roommate as well =] … Take it away, Darci!

As Colleen said I am her roommate, and probably not as accomplished of a knitter as she claims.  Mostly I make scarves and the occasional hat.  I have actually been addicted to crochet ever since Colleen taught me how to do it, I love how fast crocheting goes and how many different things you can do once you know the basics.  I do occasionally appreciate knitting, however.  One thing that I love about both is the questions you get about what you’re making when someone sees you working.

One such person who frequently sees me being crafty is someone who works at the school.  He has taught me several independent study courses, and we get along great because of a common love of sci-fi. So once he learned that I knit he told me about the amazing Dr. Who scarf.  Unfortunately I do not watch much Dr. Who, but I have seen a few episodes, and this person was so excited about describing the scarf to me, telling me that if someone ever gave him a ten foot scarf he would wear it every day.

A few weeks later a large amount of yarn was found in the office area of where he works and since he knows I knit and crochet he gave it to me.  I let some people take colors that they liked but then decided that the wonderful person who donated all of the yarn to me should benefit from it.  So starting in the middle of January I started to knit.  I knit during philosophy. I knit during presentations. I knit watching TV with Colleen, and finally….

I had a ten foot scarf!

I know that the actual Dr. Who scarf is 20ft long and made of many smaller stripes, however I have the unfortunate inability to work on projects that take too long (no pun intended).

Even though this scarf is not exactly like the scarf from the show the person I gave it to loved it.  I went to his office and told him I had a present for him, and as I unrolled it to it’s full length I don’t think I’ve seen anyone’s eyes get so big.  He put it on right away and couldn’t stop thanking me.  It was a wonderful thing to see someone so happy with something that I made myself.  He told me it made his day, but it certainly made my day to see him so excited.  It also led to me deciding that I would like to make a prayer shawl to donate to my church.  So it really goes to show that homemade gifts are the best.

To anyone who would like to make a real Dr. Who scarf, there are website out there that have patterns from each of the seasons, so good luck and I hope you are more ambitions than I am!

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