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Did you ever have that teacher that you just didn’t quite know what to make of them? The one that just seems a little bit out there and you aren’t quite sure how the semester will go because of it? This semester, I have one of those teachers. She seemed contradictory; she seemed passionate about what she did; she seemed like at any moment things could get insane. I wasn’t sure what to do about this teacher.

You see, I have her for a class called “Movies with a Message” where we sit and discuss an out of class movie for 2 hours. My plans were “Okay, two hours of discussion = two hours of knitting.” But I just wasn’t sure I could bring myself to do it in front of her. Would she yell? Would she be at all unhappy? So last week, I did not knit and the class dragged at points. However, yesterday, I went to her office. I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask if she would care or not. I have knit in class before but those times were with teachers I knew well. They knew I was slightly eccentric and seemed to be okay with it. But those teachers were math, computer science or even my physics teacher. Those classes are not really adapted for knitting. So, into her office I went. And I’m so happy I did. She said absolutely and told me that she, herself knits through conferences all the time. Class was going to be good.

I get to class and it’s about 10 minutes before class starts. I pull at my knitting and start to go to town. A very nice girl comes in and asks to see it. I was thrilled to show it to her and talk to her about it for a minute or two. However, when I sat back down, the guy next to me says “You’re knitting,” and asked what it was I was knitting. I had to explain and show him fingerless gloves. He thought it was neat and then proceeded to say, “I’m just asking because … my mom knits my socks” and proceeded to show them.

Needless to say, I will be wearing my hand knitted socks next time I have that class and yes, indeed, I got a ton of knitting done yesterday during that class:

Have a good one =]


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Tricky Knitting

Here’s the culprit:

See those ends right there? Let me tell you about the games they were playing with me last night. I went to go and knit around and I knit 2 out of the 4 needles. What did I realized? I had knitted the end of the yarn rather than the yarn that was attached to the ball. So I sighed, smiled, and unknitted it. Proceeded to do two rows just fine. Then what happened? I knitted 3 out of the 4 needles and realized I had once again picked up an end. This time, it was lame. So I unknitted it and threw a snit fit at my yarn. (Yes, I realize that I could tuck in the ends but to me, that is something to do at the end so yes, I am making my own life hard. Typical me.)

Anyway, this morning, my knitting and I became friends again. See?

Yeah, I don’t think that side is truly impressive either but what about this?!

Yeah … I think they are coming out pretty spiffy too =]

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Milky Gloves

So a little bit of an unfortunate incident today. As I was walking out of the cafeteria today, carrying my empty bowl of cereal with a bit of milk left in it, I forgot there was a bit of milk left. I was walking too fast without thinking about it and milk splashed onto my gray fingerless gloves. Ew and blah. So now my gloves need a wash and I don’t do laundry til Monday; o well, I have an orange pair too. But still, a sad little incident.

On the plus side, yarn has arrived! Look, see!

Aren’t they lovely? They are for the Heather’s Mittens by SpillyJane. I specifically went after these mittens because my friend Sarah showed me over break her lovely fingerless gloves she made. But they just weren’t any gloves, they had colorwork on them. I was intrigued. So I found these great mittens and thought I would give it a go. And here is what I have so far

I understand they aren’t really exciting yet. But the cuff was all I could handle today so hopefully I will have more of a pretty glove to show you. =]

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Okay, it’s done! The first rainbow sock is officially finished! After a lot of furiously knitting my sock this weekend, it was finally completed =]

The thing with this sock was that it was incredibly frustrating to knit. I didn’t realize until I was at school but this pattern is labeled “Experienced.” The heel was a complete … well, heel =] And then, my ankle has issues (i.e. in a spasm moment, I fell down the steps first semester) so sometimes it gets fat, so when I went to try it on, it didn’t fit. I am already walking a line by making these the 60 stitches that is required rather than the 64 stitches that I know fits my foot. I almost freaked out and then I tried it on the other foot, and thank God, it fit. It is going to be hard to cast to on for the next one because my yarn for my new hand socks are coming. I’m going to try colorwork and I absolutely cannot wait!

And tomorrow starts another week of school. There is no physics lab (yay!), I will have physics class and be told stories of Ben Rothelisberger and his fiance, and hang out with the really nice Chinese math teacher during differential equations where she tells us that the “deers” of PA are allowed to be hunted so that we don’t have too many “deers”.

It’s gonna be a good week =]

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Have you ever felt like your knitting is against you? That for some reason, against all odds, your knitting is determined to have a mind of its own and not behaving nicely? Well, recently, that was my knitting and me.

The Tale of Friends

Once upon a time, there was a knitter and a WIP (work in progress) sock. The sock was beautiful and soft. The colors were cool and were knitted up in a beautiful wave fashion. The colors organized themselves into stripes and made the knitter joyously happy to see them.

Then it was time for the heel. Now, typically, the heel is fun for the knitter; it looks pretty and is fun to make. But this time, this time the heel was a true heel. First off, the directions were labeled “Heel: Forethought Feel.” This was different but the knitter looked forward to bravely facing the challenge. All the sudden, the words “provisional cast on” were read and the knitter read the directions over and over and ended with a resounding “What?!” But she persevered. She got out the crochet hook and did the provisional cast on and started to knit the heel. Then she realized that it would be best to make sure what she had done was actually correct. Thank goodness she did this because her work was incorrect. Many tears would have followed this mistake. But on she went, reading the directions, following them, trying so hard and getting completely fed up. Then she ventured off to the magical world of YouTube and bam! she understood. Suddenly the union of crochet hook and knitting needle made sense and all was right with the world.

The knitter rejoiced! At last victory was won! However, she spoke too soon. Later when she went to connect this needle to the sock, the knitting turned ugly. It was no longer beautiful knitting. The joins were huge! Yarn ends were everywhere! So she ripped it out and told the knitting that heel was through! They would not be friends! She would carry on like regular and make up her own heel pattern and do it her own way and to heck with the pattern! However, she realized that in doing the heel this way, there would be no decreasing of the gussets (another arch-enemy of our knitter). With resignation in her heart, she turned back to the knitting. Looking at it, she gave it a firm talking to. They would be friends and the knitting would behave; it had no choice. The cast on would work and the heel would be seen through. With deep determination, the knitter bravely stepped forward and started to cast on again. She knitted and knitted and knitted and then there was

… a heel.  A provisionally cast on, friendly heel. Everything was at peace. The knitting and the knitter were once again friends. Too bad there are two socks and the whole episode maybe repeated. But for now, a happy ending abounds.

The End

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Socks Galore!

Here is the thing: I absolutely despise packing. I dislike everything about it. I always make a mess while starting packing, continue packing, clean up and bam! everything is packed. However, it takes a while. I successfully took around 2 hours while packing to come home for Christmas break. Why? Because I aggravated the packing problem by watching stupid TV. O well, this took less time because I just listened to music but now, I am finally packed to go back to school tomorrow =] I know you are probably all anxious to hear about some “nerdiness” again, so don’t worry; I have a class in differential equations, advanced database management, physics II, and more research. I’m sure you will hear about it =]

Anyway, it has been socks galore! I finished the softy sock and they are quite delightful =]

And then a close up so you can see the pattern:

The credit for help with the photography goes to my brother, Ben. =] Typically, I don’t ask anyone for help but since Ben did, I got some cool pictures like me walking up the later.

And this is my new socks: Waves and Piers pattern. It is coming out quite intriguing. I’ll post more pictures soon =]

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Happy (Belated) New Year

Let me start by wishing everyone a belated Happy New Years. I hope everyone had an enjoyable evening and day. Myself? I drove two hours to my boyfriend’s house. That’s right; me, myself, and I all alone on the 65 mile per hour turnpike navigating the on and off ramps and happily sitting in the right hand lane for the majority of the two hours there and back. But, seeing my boyfriend was so worth it and a wonderful way to start the new year.

Other than that, nothing too exciting has been going on. I went out with friends last night and because we are such old ladies, we sat there for 2.5 hours but it was a very good time overall. =]

And I have knitting. It started out like this:

And now currently looks like this:

But only after adding four too many rows and thinking that removing the needle and pulling them out would be easier than unknitting each row. That was a mistake in and of itself which was made even worse by picking up only parts of the yarn rather than the whole strand. After spending a large amount of time on this and finally fixing that row, I went to turn the heel only to mess that up and having to un ravel (or frog … I use this term and no one else seems to know that it means to unravel) that row yet again. I then said that I was over it for the day. But today my knitting and I made up and we had a lovely time.

Additionally, here are some more slippers for your personal enjoyment:

Let’s see … it’s off to school on Sunday and my boyfriend to visit me on Friday =] Other than that, just hanging out, reading, and knitting, quite a wonderful way to finish off Christmas break =]

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