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So I haven’t posted in a while, for which I am incredibly sorry. Let’s see what you have missed …

I went home for Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful, kinda. There was a lot of family time and Clare and her family joined us for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner (the 21.5 pound turkey that was beaten out by the neighbor’s 27 pound turkey.) We were able to get out the Christmas dishes and a little bit of Christmas appeared when Ben put all of our lights outside our house up. He did a wonderful job, and the house looked amazing. We even had glasses at home that when you put them on, you saw Santa, snowflakes, or snow men in the lights depending on the glasses. It was also church-a-polooza; I feel whenever I go home for a break, there is large amounts of church. O well, it was fun because the mass on Wednesday, was done by first graders dressed as pilgrims and Indians, and they were simply adorable.

Break was kinda wonderful because of the amount of homework that needed to be done. I had a Real Analysis test that was due the Monday before I went home; I received another test  via email for the Wednesday after I came back and the final for that class is on Friday. Additionally, I had a worksheet for my Data Structures class, Physics homework (which I thankfully got the majority out of the way before break), and then I needed to clean up my code for my Software Engineering class. My code, which had been working for weeks, suddenly decided to implode on me. Wham! Out of nowhere, my program started working incorrectly (granted there was already a small error in the program but I knew about that one). My program broke so completely, I wanted to restart. When I went to go and find my backup copy of my code … I had forgotten to save a backup. Never again will I do that lovely mistake. Fortunately, I had about half of a backup which allowed me to copy and paste code so that it started working again. (Then I came to school and tried to mesh my program with my boyfriend’s part of the program and it didn’t go smoothly but it works now so we won’t talk about that). So, while the idea of a “break” was there, the homework prevented it from being too much of a break. I am completely and 100% looking forward to Christmas break merely for the fact there is no homework. Yay!

In addition to all of this, I have a dilemma. Don’t doubt that I continue to knit; why today, in fact, I spent two hours knitting through math presentations. However, my issue is that I am in the midst of Christmas presents and those are the only things I am working on currently. (Not even a pair of socks is present I have so much to do). As with so many people, there is always the good intention not to let this happen  but it does anyway. I’m debating about taking close pictures of what I am making and posting those; but I’m not sure yet.

Well, this week promises to be an interesting one and then next week is finals. This means I am busy, busy … but I know I’m not the only one out there who is, especially with the holidays and all. I wonder what you all are up to.


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Bouquet of Roses

I have a problem; I don’t go home for Thanksgiving break until Tuesday and I finished my socks yesterday. I have yarn, I have  patterns, I have hooks, and I have needles but of course, I don’t have the right yarn, or the right hooks or needles. This meant, ultimately, time to improvise and hope for the best. So off it was to PlanetJune where I found the basic rose pattern. Using a hook that was too big (a G) and a yarn that was too thin (the beautiful sock yarn), I was off to make roses. I just wasn’t done with the beautiful rose yarn and I absolutely adore roses. So I crocheted up three little roses. I had a cream colored head band that had been bought for me a while ago that I thought would look rather pretty with the roses attached to it.

And then to model for the full effect (I took the picture looking some what of a mess but please focus on the lovely headband)

A fun little bouquet of roses to put in my hair =]

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Ta-da Day!

Today has most certainly been a ta-da day. This is because of two reasons; let’s start out with the unpleasant “ta-da” surprise, shall we?

I came back to my dorm after a frustrating bout with physics and it sounded like the shower was running. This was odd because my roommate wasn’t supposed to be back for hours and my first thought was “Did I really leave that on from cleaning this morning?” So I opened the door to the bathroom and … Ta-da! Water was streaming and dripping from the ceiling. What a lovely surprise. In my moment of shock, I flipped the light switch; not smart at all seeing as the water was centered around the light fixture but thankfully nothing happened and I just flipped off the switch after realizing what an incredibly not smart move that was. I ran upstairs to the people above me and they wouldn’t answer their door as I knocked. After not being able to find my RA, I called the police and he came down to help me out. He saw the water and went upstairs to straighten things out. By the time he had come back down, the water had stopped. He very kindly informed me that something was clogged upstairs and offered me a mop. I took the mop, went back to my room, called Clare and had a lovely little rant about how there was water everywhere including the walls, it smelled funny, and it was dripping on my head as I tried to mop up. This helped relieve some of the stress and after calling my mom, I put a piece of bright green lime duct tape (a personal favorite) over the light switch so I didn’t turn it on again. However, this means that the only source of light in the bathroom is out of commission. Now, my reading light is hanging out with the bathroom.

What is really frustrating about all of this is that I had plans when I came back to my room. What were those plans? Well everyone … I finished the beautiful socks!!! That’s right; I hadn’t forgotten about them. I made significant progress within the week; enough progress that I finished them! They are truly lovely and I had a picture taking party with them. (I wanted to take pretty pictures but was afraid of messing them up if I went outside and it was cold today, so I brought out my artificial roses.)

I love the way that they turned out. They are everything that is lovely and make me so happy to look at them. They were definitely a trial; at one point I yelled “NO!” really loud when some stitches tried to escape off the end of my needle – thank goodness my roommate or my boyfriend wasn’t around when I did that. But they are so lovely and wonderful and everything I could have possibly hoped for when I started them. At one point, I was running around my room while wearing them yelling “They are so BEAUTIFUL!” (once again, no one was around).

Before I ended up cleaning the bathroom yet again for the day, I had intended to hand wash and block my socks. Which I did get to eventually and they are currently drying on a towel in my room.

Even though one ta-da moment today wasn’t so great, the second one was enough to make up for it. =]

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Undersea Math

The only math class I am taking this semester is Real Analysis which is a rigorous explanation for Calculus. I adore and thoroughly enjoy Calc but Real Analysis … not so much . Therefore, yesterday during class I had a goal. Because, you see, Real Analysis very rarely uses numbers. Instead, there is a jumble of epsilons, upside down capital A’s (the “for all” symbol), a backwards E (there exists), and the list goes on. Because of these symbols, my goal was created – to draw a picture using as many mathematical symbols as possible. And so, it was done.

I think I did a pretty good job; it has delta (the seahorse), epsilon (the leftmost plant), alpha (the fish), gamma (the octopus thing), Xo (the right plant), there exists symbol (on the crab), arrows (the crab), and phi (for the last time, the crab). Overall, a pretty comprehensive picture.

As an added bonus, I also completely understood what we did in that class. It was all about proving the limits of a function by using delta/epsilon proofs and incorporating the idea of a neighborhood. Maybe the drawing helped =]

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Trip to the Great Outdoors

I thoroughly enjoy cold weather. I love the snow and how gorgeous it looks. But I, like the majority of people, do wish for a bright and sunny day in about the middle of February when I am just done with the snow. When I get to that point, I will remember this past weekend. It was bright and sunny and warm enough to sit outside and knit for a very long time. It smelled like fall and felt like fall. The sun was amazing and warm on my back. My view was beautiful …

Clare and I sat outside for around 2.5 hours and sat and talked and knitted. It was a wonderful time to spend all of that time with Clare and just simply knit. Due to this fact, I was able to get soooo much knitting done this weekend. The sock got to explore the get outdoors as well.

It is definitely coming along. It is booking along and I started the heel flap and I’m really excited about them. They will be the world’s most beautiful socks and in the dead of winter, they will be warming my feet as this past weekend warms my thoughts.

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Friday Night Knits

It’s a Friday and my friend came up to visit! Rather than doing homework this Friday night, we are on a knitting frenzy.

This is Clare. She is an amazing knitter and has been knitting forever. This is pretty much what a fantastic Friday night consists of. However, we knitted for hours on end thus making progress on the sock:

Yay sock number 2! This little bugger is coming along.

Friday nights were made for knitting. =]

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It’s been a long week but now I’m avoiding some homework and thought I would let you know what I have been up to recently.

Well, this past weekend was a blast. It was homecoming up at college and my boyfriend was on duty so we couldn’t go to the dance. But we dressed up anyway and had our own private homecoming.

But this week has been so busy. My program has been taking up the most amount of time as well as battling it out with physics. And my next sock has been a bugger. I started it, knitted five rows, and messed up so I ripped it out. I tried to start it again and messed up the base row. I finally was able to get the darn thing going.

It’s a little baby socks and as you can see, and probably guess, I finished the first sock and it is as beautiful as I thought it would be. However, I’m waiting to show you all until I have finished both. The fun thing about these socks is that there are actually two different ones; I can’t wait to finish the second one!

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