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Happy Halloween!

Fact 1: I truly despise Halloween.

Fact 2: I also believe that every holiday should have it’s time so I tolerate Halloween.

Fact 3: This post is almost not making it for Halloween.

Fact 4: As of tomorrow, it will be November and no more Halloween.


these two albino pumpkins say, “Happy Halloween, everyone! Don’t forget about the Great Pumpkin!”


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I swear I have been knitting. Life has been so hectic lately, it is barely even funny anymore. Between tests, regular classes, homework, and the like, I have been putting in a little bit of time to knit … the beautiful socks.

Currently, when people ask me what I am knitting I tell them “beautiful socks.” That’s right – it’s not just socks but beautiful socks. And here they are …

It looks really pretty and as my boyfriend said, it is a fancy heel flap (he is getting so good at knowing the lingo). However, a lot of people look at the sock and say how nice it is or how pretty it looks. In reality, the sock looks like this:

Isn’t it even more beautiful and amazing!? This sock is so much fun because it knits up inside out so people give me compliments on the inside of it a lot. The really cool and intricate part of it actually lies on the inside (for now). So, it is beautiful inside and out. These are the rogue roses socks from the Yarn Harlot. The roses are so much fun to make and wayyy easier than they look.

Here is the simple truth:

1. they are beautiful

2. I love them

3. they make me supremely happy … inside and out. =]

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Nerd Time

5 hours … 8 problems … 1 computer … GO!

This weekend, it was off to Ohio for the ACM programming contest. Right after a wonderful little test on Friday afternoon, it was in the car and off to Ohio. We took 422 all the way there. Fun fact: I despise 422. Put me on 22 with my sister for 2 hours with just highway and tons of other cars and I’m having a good time. However, 422 … there are so many back roads and it just wasn’t my thing. On top of this, I get car sick if I do anything in the car other than look out the window pretty much so there went three primo hours for knitting. We got to Ohio for the contest, registered, left to eat, left from eating at the time when we were supposed to be doing something for the contest, so it was back to the contest grounds. This time I left my knitting in the car thinking that we had no time for knitting. We had to wander around and find our room and then we were supposed to be doing stuff starting at 730 and it didn’t start til 8 or a little after. This to me is an “of course” kind of deal; because I didn’t bring my knitting, I could have been knitting. We left the contest grounds at 950/10 and it was off to the hotel.

The next morning, we drove back out to the contest and sat around waiting for everyone to get there and have the lab open up. This time, I was smart and brought in my knitting. We got in the lab finally and then waited a little bit longer. Slightly after 10, the contest began. We had until three to complete as many of the eight problems as we could. We got two done and were pretty happy with it. (One dealt with vampires and I was pretty darn excited about it. NOTE: I was into the vampire stuff before it became popular so the chances of vampires popping up here once in a while isn’t out of the realm of possibility.) Right after 3 (which was when the contest ended), we headed back to school. My boyfriend and I ran to get something to eat because our stomachs were eating our insides. However, we were able to get our act together enough to take a picture to commemorate the day:

That’s right; we match because we had to wear that shirt or we couldn’t participate in the contest.

O nerds … I can’t wait to see you all again in the spring for another programming contest.

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Nerds R Us

So in the midst of my research yesterday (in the basement with vast amounts of water), I finished one of my WIP. Here is Derp!

He came out so cute and pudgy! Now, Derp, Franken-Sackboy, is ready for Halloween. And, he also has a brother, Gerp. Gerp was made two summers ago and here they are united:

and my boyfriend thinks he is pretty great too.

This weekend it is off to the programming contest to hang out and program with a bunch of other nerds. So many nerds in such a small place creates an interesting atmosphere. Then its back to homework on Sunday to prep for a physics test. More than anything, I’m looking forward to the relaxing drive there. During that time, I’ll be conducting an experiment: can I knit on my beautiful socks and not get car sick? Stay tuned for the answer. =]


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Halloween Knitting

Hullo again!

So I have been knitting furiously but more furiously I have been doing homework. Physics test, database management test, data structures test, and all other homework has been making my life extremely hectic.

However, I did want to show you a WIP really quick:

This is Derp and he completely looks like Franken-Sackboy. However, it is just a coincidence that he looks so halloween-y. Sackboys are from a game known as Little Big Planet. It is one of the very few video games I enjoy playing that my boyfriend introduced me to. This is for my boyfriend and he is very excited to receive him, once he is all put together of course. I just thought the picture with the lime green and black sackboy with the albino pumpkins made for a neat shot. (I did get the pattern for this online but I can’t remember what the URL is. If you search “knitting free pattern sackboy alan dart” you should be able to find it.)

Hopefully, Derp will be ready in time for Halloween =]

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So I went home this weekend for my fall break, thus casing me not to do any blogging. However, within hours of being home I finished these:

Aren’t they lovely? I adore how they turned out; they are exactly what I wanted for sitting around my dorm room at night.

I have moved onto another pair of socks … I swear I knit more than socks =]. Despite that statement, I am so thrilled to have received my yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts . I ordered the Rose Quartz yarn as well as the Rogue Roses pattern that the Yarn Harlot designed. I’m so thrilled; I can’t wait to start working on these socks.

But first I have to make it through this week of school. Today is Tuesday, but since we did not have Monday classes (because Monday was part of our break), the school ran a Monday schedule on today, Tuesday. Tomorrow, the schedule will be back to normal with a Wednesday schedule on a Wednesday but it does make the week a bit more hectic this way because I have all my classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; so today and tomorrow will be a lot of schooling. Also, tomorrow is half a physics test and I have a program due later in the week.

I know my socks will wait for me . . .

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Rainy Days

It has been raining for the entire week and I’m loving it. Rain makes for the perfect knitting weather. Think about it: rain + knitting + tea = wonderfulness … end of story. However, school has somewhat been interfering with that plan. In my real analysis math class, we had our midterm today. The teacher always puts x amount of problems on the test and tells you to pick a certain number out of x to do. However, on the test, he told us to pick 10 and there were only 10 from which to pick. However, he fixed that by telling us to do 30 points worth of problems. So, between rushing to get all the problems that I needed to done, I had to keep a running total of my overall points – tricky. My programming is finally going well. Right now, I’m working on how to use files within coding and it is going swimmingly (for once). On Friday, I don’t have as many classes as normal because it is Technology Day, so I’m helping my boyfriend to run his session where he is demonstrating a program he created that simulates “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” but math style.

With all this craziness going on, I am still finding time to enjoy this nice, rainy, cold weather. I have been carrying my knitting around with me in a Vera Bradley purse my mom gave me because she didn’t like it. The only time I have willingly carried a purse – when it has knitting in it. My knitting goes to class with me and I knit whenever I can. Just today, I found out that I can read and knit at the same time pretty well, which is a fantastic discovery. Here is the current sock in progress with its Vera Bradley buddy :


Short Sock


ThisĀ  a modification on this pattern that is shown in the first post (“Welcome to Nerdy Knitting!”). Rather than making the top of the sock 6 inches long, I made the ribbing 1″ and a little bit of just knitting around 1″ and then I turned the heel (such a magical process). I like the idea of short socks because I know I love to wear them at night when I am just hanging out.

So, to the rainy days … carry on; you are making knitting that much more enjoyable.

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